Jobs Sign-Up Instructions


Make sure that you’re signed in. And make sure that either the “team events” box is checked if you’re in calendar view or that you toggle to the Team Events tab to see it in list view.


Log on to the website using your email & password you set up during registration.

Click on Calendars and then 2023 Calendar. That will navigate you to the calendar of each meet/event for the season. Click Team Events in the top bar to see Al the events in list form.

For each event/meet there is a “Job Signup” button that will navigate you to the list of jobs needed for that meet.

Click on any empty box which indicates that job is open and ready to be filled and then click the "Sign Up" box with the green plus sign at the top and/or bottom of the page. You must click the "Sign Up" button for event/job you sign up for.

Important: Please make sure to enter the cell phone number and name for the person actually working the event in the contact info box that pops up. If it is a sub, enter the sub name and mobile phone number.


Note: Team jobs are listed on the calendar as an “event” on August 8th. This is not when you would do the actual team job. Most jobs are done throughout the season or behind the scenes. However, to be compatible with the on-line sign-up system we had to schedule it as an “event”.

If you have any questions about jobs, please email our jobs coordinator - [email protected]