Rudgear Late Add Policy for Swim Meets:
1. No past-declaration deadline adds.
2. A coach may be able to add a swimmer in at the scratch meeting (takes place thirty minutes prior to the start of the meet); hoewver, this isn't guaranteed. Also, if a family begins a pattern of asking for late adds we will not be able to accomodate.

We want all of our swimmers to participate in as many meets as possible; however, late add requests can become overwhelming for our volunteer Desk crew and our coaches. Every late add creates a decent amount of work for our coaches and Desk, so adding 20+ families late into each meet isn’t sustainable. 

Please go into your TeamUnify account and check that you have opted IN to all the meets your swimmer can participate in. If you are unsure about some date, please opt in. You can always opt out later if something comes out. (And, if you forget to opt out, that’s much easier to manage than the reverse.)