Rudgear Rats: Week of July 5th Newsletter

REST Communications

Upcoming Dates

  • July 6 - 11/12 Social
  • July 7 - Green & White Meet
  • July 10 - REST vs Dewing (home)
  • July 12-16 - Coach Appreciation Week
  • July 13 - 13/14 Social
  • July 14 - REST @ Oakhurst (away) Declare by July 7
  • July 16 - Polliwog Graduation ceremony
  • July 17 - REST @ Larkey (away) Declare by July 10
  • July 19 - Splash and Dash*
  • July 21 - Rudgear Idol
  • July 23 - Conference Fun Friday (during practice)*

*Tentative events - These fun events can only run if families volunteer to help.


Meet Declaration Reminder
Please be sure to declare (opt in or out) for each meet. Declarations are due a week prior to the meet date. Upcoming due dates:

  • Oakhurst - Declare by July 7

  • Larkey - Declare by July 10

  • Conference - Declare by July 10


Green & White Meet - Events Sign up!
The Green & White meet is this Wednesday! This REST tradition combines all your favorite Wednesday evening social, spirit, and silly swim events. All for fun and bragging rights! BYO dinner & chairs.  Sign your swimmers up for events HERE.


  1. Please double check that your swimmer has or hasn’t already signed up during practice!

  2. 3 events per swimmer (2 Individual + 1 Relay OR 1 individual + 2 relays) Family Relay can be in addition to 3 events. 

  3. Please do not delete or move any names already signed up. Do not add heats. 

  4. Coaches reserve the right to move swimmers around for meet flow / friendly competition. 

  5. Final meet sheet will be published Tuesday - please print & bring with you to the meet! 

  6. There will be no shepherds. Come prepared to help your swimmers get to each race.  


Green & White Meet - Extreme Pizza & Salad Pre-Orders
Dine in at Green & White as we partner with Extreme Pizza. Enjoy a hassle-free night by pre-ordering a large pizza and salad for the family and/or for your friends to share. Limited menu options include:

  • Caesar Salad with or without Chicken

  • Cheese only Pizza

  • Various 1 Topping Pizzas - Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom or Olive

  • Half & Half 1 Topping Pizzas

  • Regular and gluten-free crusts

Place your preorder at this link and have your meal delivered to the pool. Deadline to preorder is Wednesday, July 7 at 11AM. You can Venmo or PayPal the cost of your meal order to Jen Barnes (@JenBBarnes), or bring cash that evening for your total or a check written out to "Rudgear Estates Swim Team." Drinks and dessert are BYO!


Green & White Meet Theme - Retro Rats!
The theme for Green & White is Retro Rats - wear the most “vintage” RATS gear you have. New to the team? No worries! We will have some older gear and hand-me-down gear out for you to grab. (Of course, any and all green works, too!)



Lunch for Coaches! 

Yikes! Our coach lunch sign up is empty! Have you signed up to bring our coaches lunch one day this summer yet?!   Click this link to sign up. Thanks for keeping our coaches fed while they spend their days at the pool! 


Team Jobs - Volunteers Needed

Coach Appreciation Week Co-Chairs (2): Plan and promote events for coach appreciation week July 12-16th. Past successful ideas include: dress-like-a-coach day, bring a homemade card day, breakfast at the pool day, etc. Anything creative that is swimmer & coach focused! We'd love to incorporate RMST traditions this week too! 

To volunteer please contact Jen Landgraf: (203) 216-2032 or [email protected] 

Polliwog Graduation Coordinator: This parent will pull together a small goodie bag of treats for our polliwogs (think dollar store). On the last day of polliwog practice (July 16th) the coaches will celebrate the polliwogs with a quick speech & handing out goodies. 
To volunteer please contact Jen Landgraf: (203) 216-2032 or [email protected]


Splash & Dash Coordinator: This veteran family will gather and organize volunteers for the July 19th Splash & Dash, a friendly swim and run competition amongst age groups.

To volunteer please contact Karen Abbott: [email protected]


Conference Fun Friday Coordinators: These parent volunteers (3-4) will plan and facilitate fun activities for kids and parents during 7/23 Friday morning practice to get ready for the Conference Meet (with help from the Social Chairs). To volunteer please contact Sarah Johansen [email protected] and Jen Barnes [email protected]


Conference Spirit Decorators: These parent volunteers (3-4) will coordinate and execute putting up posters and other team spirit decor at Heather Farms prior to the meet (Friday night if allowed this year; Saturday morning if Friday is not allowed).

To volunteer please contact Sarah Johansen [email protected] and Jen Barnes [email protected]


Rudgear Idol Coordinators: These parent volunteers (2-3) will help coordinate Rudgear Idol, our team’s much beloved talent competition on Wednesday evening, July 21. The parents will help with set up, flow, and breakdown - working with coaches and promoting swimmer participation. 

To volunteer please contact Sarah Johansen [email protected] and Jen Barnes [email protected]


Coach Lessons Available

Use the links below to sign up for coach lessons through the remainder of the season. Check back often for updated availability:

Coach Brian:

Coach Briona:!/showSignUp/805094eacaa28a5fd0-swim

Coach Cate:

Coach Simone:

Coach Maddie W:


15/18 Rafting Trip Survey

If you currently have a 14 year old swimmer or a 15/18, please take this brief survey (If you have other feedback about the rafting trip, please email Sky Bellanca. Thanks! -Dana & Sky


National Anthem Performers Needed!

Seeking any RATS able to perform our National Anthem ahead of home meets. Individuals, groups, singing or musical performances welcome! Please sign up at the pool - the poster is hanging on the inside of the fence. Thanks!


Make it a great week everyone and GOOOOOOOOOOOO RATS!!