When swimming in an outdoor pool, we have weather to contend with. Unfortunately, we cannot always expect warm, sunny days. Here are some tips to consider this summer:



If there is rain, but no thunder or lightning, practice will still be held. If the temperature is 60 degrees or lower, practice will not be held in the water. In this event, a land practice (exercise, stretching, and technique) may be held, so bring gym shoes. Swimmers are to dress appropriately for the weather and bring their swimsuits.


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If you are not sure whether practice is behind held, call the Kemmerling Hotline. Typically it is updated by 5:50am to reflect whether there will be practice or not. If the message is old, then it means that the hotline hasnít been updated and practice is ON! *NOTE: You will NOT receive an email notification in the event of a canceled practice.



Swim meets aren't canceled due to inclement weather. A meet cannot be called prior to 30 minutes AFTER the scheduled start time of a meet. This means that if a meet is scheduled to start at 6:30pm, the meet cannot be canceled ANY earlier than 7pm. What does this mean to your swimmer?  All swimmers must show up at the call time given to be eligible to swim in that meet. Swimmers are expected to be at the pool, ready to swim, once the pool is deemed safe. It is the decision of Head Referee of the home team to call the end of the meet, however that decision may be taken out of Referee's hand if the Park District deems it unsafe to swim and closes the pool.


INCLEMENT WEATHER ON THE DAY OF A CONFERENCE MEET (Sections taken from the DSDC Rules Regulations and Bylaws):

*Rain without lightning ñ proceed with meet.

*Rain with lightning ñ delay meet until lightning stops up to a maximum of 7 hours (As meets usually run 6 hours, a 7-hour delay would end the meet at approximately 10pm). The pool deck will be cleared as previously mentioned.

*All efforts must be made to hold the meet, so all swimmers are expected to be present and ready to swim.