Question: How many swim meets?
Answer: We swim 8 dual meets (against one other team), Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings from June till mid-July. Plus there are two conference meets (against teams in our division) at the end of the season. Every swimmer participates in either A or B conference. Participation is determined by best times.


Question: How long are the meets?

Answer: A swim meet usually lasts 3 hours. Wednesday meets generally begin at 6:30 PM, but the swimmers arrive 5:15 – 5:45 PM depending on whether we are home or away. Saturday meets generally begin at 8:00 AM, and the swimmers arrive 6:30 – 7:15 AM depending on whether we are home or away. Check the schedule on the team website for actual meet times.


Question: Will my child swim?
Answer: Your child will swim at least 2 events at every meet, with 5 being the maximum number of events that they are allowed to swim. The coaches try to divide the events equally and give each swimmer equal opportunity over the

course of the season.


Question: Will my child get ribbons?
Answer: Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 6th place for swimmers 12 and under, 1st through 4th for swimmers 13 and older. Trophies are awarded to all swimmers at the banquet.


Question: Do I have to buy a suit and clothing?
Answer: We have a team suit and apparel, but it is not required that you purchase them in order to be on the team (Most swimmers do wear the team suit to meets). Orders are placed in mid-May and early June.


Question: How good of a swimmer does my child need to be?
Answer: 8 and under swimmers, need to be able to swim 25 yards (one length of the pool) without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool. Swimmers 9 and older need to be able to swim 50 yards (two lengths of the pool) without stopping. Swimmers who are unable to swim the required lengths are encouraged to join the Junior Racer’s Pre-Team where they will receive stroke technique instruction and participate in exhibition events at home meets.


Question: What if my child cannot swim all four strokes?
Answer: Swimmers will not be entered into events that they cannot swim. With practice, hopefully they will learn all their strokes by the end of the season.


Question: When does my child try-out?
Answer: Try-outs for the Roselle Racers will be held during the first week of practice.


Question: When does the season start?
Answer: Practice begins in the evenings while school is still in session during the last week of May and the first week of June. The first meet is usually held on the first Saturday in June.


Question: How do I know what is going on with the team?

Answer: The team’s Communication Coordinator sends emails with everything you need to know – what to bring to meets, where the pools are located, messages from the coaches, changes to the practice/meet schedule, scores from past meets, record breaking swims, and fundraising information.


Question: What if I don’t live in the boundaries of the Roselle Park District?

Answer: If this is your first summer joining a team in the DuPage Swim and Dive Conference, you can join any team that you want to.


Question: What else is there besides swimming?

Answer: The team generally hosts a family picnic/swim night potluck usually held on last Sunday evening in June. There is also a banquet/awards night in July.


Question: What if I still have questions?

Answer: Please don’t hesitate to ask the team President or call the Roselle Park District at 630-894-4200.