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Reminder Swim-A-Long is tonight for 10 and unders! 5:30-7:30. No practice for 11 and ups.

Reminder Swim-A-Long is tonight for 10 and unders! 5:30-7:30. No practice for 11 and ups.

By Justin Bateh

For Monday's Meet

The Recreation Director at Timacuana informed us of the following to pass onto our parents for Monday's meet: We will have designated team areas,...

By Justin Bateh

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

We hope you find the information in this site both informative and enjoyable! 

Our primary focus is on introducing the novice swimmer to the sport and in developing the fundamental skills necessary to compete, all in a fun atmosphere.

The River City Swim League will have 10 member teams for the 2022 season. The League sponsors both a dual meet season and a season ending Championship meet. The dual meets begin in late May and run to mid-July with the Championships usually held over one of the last weekends in July.

This fun and competitive program introduces young swimmers to the world of competitive swimming and fosters a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication for each participant.  Practices are centered around technique, learning and age appropriate training.

DCST coaches and staff seek to provide a safe, competitive experience for swimmers as they develop proper technique, set and attain personal goals, learn self-discipline and practice good sportsmanship.

We think of ourselves as a "family". We have fun, enjoy each other's company and hopefully win some meets in the process.

Personal development is what we stress. In swimming jargon, that means improving personal times.

Establishing a healthy environment that encourages kids to do their best, recognizes their contributions to the team and is fun for the entire family - these are the goals of Deercreek Blue Dolphins!

We hope that you will find your experience on our team both enjoyable and rewarding.  The information contained in this section of our web site will be your guide to the upcoming season - please refer to it if you need information about our team.

Competitive swimming is one of the most unique and challenging sports in the world.  In addition to being one of the most complete forms of exercise, it is also a great deal of fun.  It contributes greatly in the development of a well-rounded young adult by teaching many important attributes such as sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication, goal orientation, discipline, team spirit, pride, humility and many more.  Swimming is one of the very few sports that allow an individual to compete for himself and his team.  It is a highly technical, difficult to master sport involving complex strategies yet can be both enjoyable and relaxing as well.

Swimming is a FAMILY sport.  It requires sacrifices of time and effort of everyone in the family.  Parents must be willing to VOLUNTEER their time to help with team activities, make arrangements for your swimmers to get to and from practices and meets, pay the various expenses and SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE your swimmer's efforts.  Swimmers must be willing to SACRIFICE their time for practices and meets, work hard in practice to develop their skills and improve their conditioning and cooperate with your teammates to achieve both your own and the team's goals. 


Deercreek Blue Dolphins Swim Team