Parent Volunteers

The running of the team and its activities are accomplished through the volunteer coaching staff and PARENTS! 

Parents are expected to volunteer for various jobs required to make our team function smoothly.  We are required by league rules to provide workers at ALL swim meets and championships.  Swim meets require around 60 workers to cover 2 shifts.  At Championships, we are assigned as many as 50 “shifts” of work to fulfill and we need every family to volunteer for at least one of these shifts. 

In addition, we need parents to help with other chores like handing out things at practices, arranging and setting up the banquet, assisting with the fund-raisers and many other things that come up.

Our team web site allows parents to sign up online to volunteer at meets.  Every family is expected to provide one adult to work a minimum of 1 shift per attended swim meet.  For parents of swimmers ages 6 and under, you are automatically signed up to volunteer for the set-up crew on Friday nights so you can be available to assist your young swimmers during Saturday swim meets.  If you are unable to work at the meets due to health risks or other reasons, please let us know.  There are other administrative tasks that you can help out with.  Please try to do your fair share this season in helping our team have a fun and successful season.

For additional information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Lisa McAbee, TFS Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]