Dual swim meets

To help our swimmers prepare for the RCSL Championships, we sponsor a complete dual meet schedule.  The dual meets are usually held on Saturday mornings, with an occasional Thursday evening meet, as well.  

We typically have five (5) or six (6) meets each season. 

The age groups for dual meets are the same as for Championships – 6 & Underr, 8 & Under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12 and 13 & 14.  The older kids are combined into a single 15-18 age group.  Swimmers are allowed to compete in three (3) individual events and one (1) relay in the dual meets.  Ribbons are awarded to the top eight overall finishers in each individual event and to the first through third place relay teams, which usually results in every swimmer winning at least one ribbon at each meet.  Ribbons are usually handed out to the swimmers at the Monday practice following each dual meet.  Each dual meet has two special 6 & Under events with each participant receiving ribbons.

Our coaches and swimmers take these meets very seriously and everyone is urged to participate in as many of the dual meets as possible.  If your swimmers will be unable to attend a particular meet, please notify the coaches through the website (preferred) or in writing at least 48 hours preceding the meet so our entry will be correct.

While the dual meets are scored on a team basis, our coaches measure success more by how our swimmers improve over the course of the season than by places and points in the meets. This emphasis makes every swimmer a “winner”.

Remember, we need at least 1 parent or guardian from each swim family to volunteer a minimum of 1 shift per meet attended.  We have a reputation in our league of running a great meet thanks to all of our awesome parents!  Please do your part to reinforce our reputation and keep our team running smoothly!  TFS is an all volunteer family run team.   

Please see below for swim meet tips from a veteran swim mom!!  


Meet length - usually about 3 hours depending on how many swimmers are entered and how fast 
they swim.

For Parents             - bring your humor, patience and encouraging words
                               - purchase heat sheet (lists event, heat, and swimmer lane assignment ($2.00)
                               - wear team t-shirts - available for purchase on our Team Store.
                               - bring towels, chairs, sunscreen, games for kids between events, hats,  and
                                  highlighters for heat sheets
                               - PUT YOUR LAST NAME / KIDS NAME ON EVERYTHING!
                               - Visit TFS concession stand - fundraiser for team
                               - Babies generally do not enjoy swim meets
                               - Leave Fido at home! Animals don't like swim meets either and they are not 
                                 allowed on the pool premises.

Please don't criticize your swimmer(s) - give lots of praise and compliments.  The best phrase you can say to your swimmer is, "I love watching you swim!!"

For Swimmers         - Wear team suits and caps to all meets
                                - Goggles for practice and meets ALWAYS!!! 
                               -  Bring an extra pair just in case. Extras are a good idea for practice too
                               - Wear sunscreen.  Apply before you leave the house.

                              -  Eat good nutritional meals, especially before meets
                              -  Avoid junk food during the meet - (sugar burns too quickly)


--- ALWAYS keep extra clean towels in your car -- there is no such thing as too many towels for a 
    swimmer.  I keep an old quilt and rain gear (those cheap poncho things) in my swim meet gear as 
--- Put a laundry basket in your car for wet items (and you will find it handy for other things too).
--- Buy good goggles. Bad ones leak and are a waste of your money.
--- Highlighters are wonderful!! So are permanent black pens.
--- Enjoy your time watching your swimmers; it will fly by quickly and one day, the swim meets will be gone. Believe me, it will pass too quickly. One day there will be no more meets or piles of wet towels to launder every day.
--- Unless you have a particular attraction for green hair, get your swimmer (daughters especially) a silicone cap and encourage them to wear it. Chlorine will really damage hair. It is a long and difficult process to get green hair healthy again. Take care of the swim cap! They will break if stretched too much. Always rinse out after use; my daughter turns hers inside out and hangs it over a shampoo bottle to dry. Some folks like to put baby powder in caps too.
--- Wash out swimsuits in clean water after every use (rinse in shower).
--- A mixture of half vinegar / half alcohol after swimming has helped my daughter not have 
    earaches. Drops and plugs are good for some swimmers.
--- Encouraging words and hugs are great especially when things don't go as "swimmingly" as 
    anticipated. Eliminate the negative remarks.
--- Take your swimmer to Championships!  They've worked hard all season and this event really 
    makes them feel special. They can see what they've accomplished and how far they have 
    progressed since the start of the season. It's a real team-builder.