Team Rules


For the protection and safety of our swimmers, it is very important that all TFS swimmers obey the below TFS team rules:

Before you  register , please understand that TFS is one of 15 teams in a competitive swim league.  As such, we have the following two (2) requirements:

  1. Your swimmer(s) are required to participate in at least three (3) of the scheduled swim meets.
  2. A family member is required to volunteer at each meet your swimmer participates in. 

If you are unable to fulfill the two requirements noted above, please forgo  registering .


(1) All team members MUST remain within the pool area (the fenced pool and the dressing rooms/lavatories) during practices and swim meets. The Rec Center is allowing us to rent this area and there is no reason for any of our members to “roam” the grounds or use other areas.

(2) No glass containers inside the fenced pool area, lavatories or concrete terrace and sidewalks.

(3) No swimmers in the lifeguard stand at any time.

(4) No running inside the pool area; no pushing or other "horseplay" anywhere on the Rec Center grounds.

(5) No diving into the pool unless under a COACH'S supervision.

(6) All trash must be placed in the proper trash receptacles provide by FBRC.  

(7) Swimmers are expected to practice appropriate lane etiquette during practice.  Passing is done by moving to the center of the lane and gently tapping the foot of the swimmer in front. Swimmers being passed should move to the side as much as possible, but not stop. Swimmers passing other swimmers may never grab, strike, or pull the swimmer they are passing in any way.

(8) Rough-housing (pushing, pulling, kicking, hands on another swimmer) on deck, in pool, and locker room is NOT tolerated.  Parent will be called and swimmer may be asked not to return to practice for a period of time determined by the coach.  

(9) Parents are expected to refrain from hovering over the pool during practice times.  Parents are welcome to stay on deck and watch during practices but need to allow coaches the space to coach.  We find that swimmers actually perform better when parent's aren't hovering.  If parents have any concerns they should talk to a coach or TFS board member.  For those parents who chose to leave the pool area during practices, it's important to ensure that the coach on duty has your cell phone number.  This is in case someone needs to reach you.  

Team Rules for ALL Meets:

These team rules should be followed for ALL meets:

(1) Please use the web site’s meet attendance declaration system to  register  swimmer(s) for swim meets.  Any swimmer not  registered  by Wednesday of the meet (held on Saturday) will be left off the roster. 

(2) A parent or family member from each participating family is REQUIRED to volunteer a minimum of one volunteer shift per meet attended.   Sign up  online to volunteer for each meet. 

(3) Please arrive at all meets at least 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START TIMES LISTED HEREIN for warm ups and to allow the coaches to verify their line-ups.

(4)  Swimmers are expected to participate in all relays entered by the team, unless excused by the coaching staff. Check with your coach before you leave if there are still relays in the meet session. Scratched relays due to unanticipated swimmer absence may result in that swimmer not participating in future relays.  

(5) Please always try to treat your teammates, coaches and parents with respect and to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

THIS INCLUDES CLEANING UP YOUR AND THE TEAM'S AREAS AFTERWARDS!  It is expected that ALL families remain on site after each swim meet to help clean up.  

(6) NO SMOKING OR CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL ON A POOL DECK DURING A PRACTICE OR MEET. For our purposes, this means anywhere on the Rec Center grounds and all of our members – coaches, swimmers and the families.

Remember, our children look to us to set the example for them.  

Any member found to be willfully violating TFS rules shall be subject to disciplinary action by the team and may include a probationary period or suspension from the team.