For more the 20 years, the Wahoo’s swim team have coached and taught hundreds of swimmers in the Jacksonville area during the summer.

Since 2014, we have been working towards a year-round program. We have successfully coached swimmers that are currently continuing their swimming career in college. Some swimmers recently qualified to Jr. Nationals and Olympic Trials.

However, we have always struggle with finding a consistent home. We drove to multiple locations and training late at night. Sometimes we could not train because we had no access to a pool.

This past summer, Wahoo’s of Jacksonville found home for our program. We are happy to have created a partnership with Harvest Community School, located off of Fort Caroline Road!

This is a great opportunity to train more swimmers while helping them learn our core values: Power, Love, and Self-discipline.

  • Power - Through training, our athletes will become stronger; determination is a powerful life lesson.

  • Love - Through friendships, fellowship, and competition, swimmers will create lifelong memories.

  • Self-discipline - Through respect, discipline, and self-control, athletes will grow into solid adults ready for life’s challenges.

However, we have one obstacle. The pool does not have heaters or diving blocks. Our team needs your support to fundraise $75,000.

Your support will help impact many young athletes looking for a place to grow, improve, and learn. We want to call ALL Wahoo’s swimmers from the last 20 year and ALL the swimmers that Coach Carlos has coached to help us move forward. WE NEED YOU!

If you have a small business, we have something for you! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.