Weather is changing fast... we need to move faster!

Carlos Mejia

Hello Wahoo's Family,

Weather is changing fast and we need to move quickly so we can heat up the pool. Yesterday during practice weather changed in 30 minutes. It went from 85 degrees to like low 70's. 

We have created two flyers that can be use to share and pass along. Below are the links for:

  1. For Local Business
  2. Every family member and friends

We have also created some social media graphics that you can use to share in you social media outlets. Please when you share it, tag us (WahooST) and share why it is important for you to get the pool heated.

Please help us spread the word and share as many times as you can.

Your help and support will impact many young athletes. 


Coach Carlos

CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe link.

More photos: