What are your Best Times?

Carlos Mejia

What are your personal best times?!

That’s what we are going to be asking our swimmers this week and next week and then the next week. Why? It is important to know where we are going. We cannot be training harder or faster if we don’t know what our best times are. Can you buy anything without knowing the price? Do you go to a new country without planning or preparation? 
Our swimmers need to know where they are going with their training. Last week we had several swimmers getting personal best times during practice. It was terrific but they didn’t know they had improved. 
During swim practice, swimmers train in technique, mechanics, and skills. At the end of practice, we have a "Main Set". This set is usually tailored to specific events. For example, this next set is tailored to work on a 200-pace. The swimmers will do 3 rounds of 4x50 at 50 seconds intervals. The objective/goal for this set is to hit a time of 50 seconds for every 50 yards.
How’s that?
Well, if the swimmer’s goal for 200 free is 2:00, then each 50’s goal time is 30 seconds. What I did was divide 2:00 by 4 to get each 50 times. You can do this for EVERY event that they want to swim. For a list of goal times, click here.
So at practice, you will see that I write down a list of goal times on our whiteboard and what the 50 times should be. This helps the swimmer stay focused and to work towards something. It also holds accountable the swimmer when he/she is not working during the set. 
The main set is pointless without a good guide or a map. Knowing your best times will help any swimmer be conscious of their improvement. Seeing improvement at practice will give CONFIDENCE to the swimmers. If they train with confidence, they will race with confidence. 
Ok, but my swimmer is in swimming and he/she has never done a swim meet. In this case, we need to adapt our compass a little. If your swimmer has never done a swim meet, it is ok because we are constantly taking times at practice. So encourage your swimmer to listen to those times and to write them down after practice so he/she can see improvement during the next practice. 
The ultimate goal is to teach our swimmers to know where they at and where they are going. Without a compass, guide, or in this case, goals, our swimmers will be set up to fail.
Coach Carlos
CLICK HERE to find out the best time for your swimmer as of Sept.26, 2022. (Inactive swimmers will not show up)
CLICK HERE for a pace sheet so swimmers know what times need to do during practice based on their goals.