Policies & Procedures for Summer League Team


  • It is important that all member of the Wahoo’s Swim Team know and understand the following rules and regulations:

    • All participants are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible so that each swimmer may improve upon his/her skill, and so as a team, we can perform at our best ability.
    • All hands are to be kept to oneself. No pushing is allowed. If pushing occurs, the swimmer will be removed from practice and/or the meet until the coaches have spoken with the parents.
    • Listen to your coaches.
    • Good sportsmanship is expected at practices and at meets. Name calling, taunting, etc. will not be tolerated. Foul or obscene language or gestures are strictly prohibited.
    • Coaches have the final say concerning relays and events to maximize points.
    • Stealing, losing, and/or breaking team's or other athlete's equipment is not tolerated..
    • Disrespectfulness toward the coaches, teammates or meet officials will not be tolerated.
    • Coaches reserve the right to remove a swimmer from any team related activity if proper team etiquette is not followed.
  • ​Failing to follow these rules will represent in disciplinary actions that can include:​Suspension, Provation, and/or Removal. Each situation will be reviewed on a casa by case basis.


  • We ask that all parents, guardians, extended family and/or friends that come to spectate at any swim team function, handle themselves with the same level of sportsmanship that we expect of our swimmers. 
  • We ask that you demonstrate a respective, positive and supportive attitude towards all swimmers, coaches and meet officials at all times and avoid actions or behavior that may be detrimental or reflect adversely on the team and coaching staff. 
  • Foul or obscene language or gestures are strictly prohibited. 
  • Specific concerns that may be viewed as confrontational or detrimental should be addressed away from other swimmers and parents, preferably off the pool deck or away from the designated team waiting area. 
  • If at any point, the behavior of a parent raises to a level so as to become a distraction to a coach, a swimmer, meet official or another parent, the offending parent will be asked to leave the area immediately.
  • We realize that it isn’t fair to penalize a child for an adult’s behavior but nor is it fair to allow such behavior to have a negative or detrimental impact on the Team, coaching staff or other parents. 
  • If it is determined that the parents’ behavior is egregious enough after discussing the incident with the coaching staff, the related swimmer will be removed from all further team related activities including practices, meets and team functions.
  • Under the above circumstances, no refund will be issued.

Failing to follow these conduct policies will represent on being removed from the team. Any balances or pending fees must be paid.


  • All of our home meets will be held at Queen's Harbour. We encourage swimmers to carpool and to drive one car per family since there are not a lot of parking spots at the pool. Thank you for your understanding


  • It is important that all members of the Wahoo’s Swim Team be prepared for each practice. We ask that you do your best to be on time and have the proper equipment on deck at the start of practice.
    • Pair of goggles
    • Cap if needed
    • Pair of fins (not snorkeling fins)
  • An online team store will be available prior to the start of the season. Watch for an email that will include a link, during the month of April.


  • Heat sheets are an important part of the “who, what, where, and when” of any swim meet. The night before a home meet you will receive your heat sheet thru email. We are only able to provide this option for our home meets. During our away meets the heat sheet will be available for a nominal fee before the meet.


  • Each swimmer will receive a Wahoo cap prior to the first swim meet.
  • Please wear your cap proudly at each meet. If additional caps are needed they will be available for sale at the  concession stand at each home meet.
  • We ask that you save these special caps for meets so that we are able to identify our swimmers easily when  they swim. 
  • At some point during the season we will offer an opportunity to purchase a silicone cap with or without the   swimmers name. 
  • All t-shirts and team appeals for swimmers and parents will be placed in the online store in the home page of our website.


  • A boys and girls competition suit has been chosen. Check our online store in Swimoutlet.com


  • The Wahoo Swim Team welcomes community members or nonresidents of the two communities where our practices are held. (Queens Harbor and The Woods).
  • We ask that each nonresident family fill out the Limited Access Form for the community where you intend to participate in the month of June. In addition, there is a nonresident fee for each location of $25 per swimmer but no more than $50/family. 
    • Reason: Maintaining a community pool is a big expense for a community and the residents pay for this through their association fees. It’s only fair that the non-residents contribute toward those expenses. 
    • Month of May Consideration:
      • During the month of May, you will not need to pay nonresident fee unless you will be practicing at the location in which you are not a member. 
    • Exceptions:
      • Each community has agreed that grandchildren of residents will not be charged the nonresident fee. 
      • There will be several exceptions to the non-resident restriction, when we must all meet at one of two locations. 


  • The above mentioned policies and procedures are exclusively for the Wahoos Swim Team. In addition there is a code of conduct outlined by the River City Swim League. The River City Swim League acts as a parent organization to our team. Please review the River City Swim League Code of Conduct included in this packet. For more information about the River City Swim League you can visit their web site at RCSL.com.



We want each swimmer to enjoy their experience, but we understand situations happens; please always talk to Coach Carlos about your situation. These are the few scenarios that will give you a refund:

  • If for some reason a family’s circumstances change and they wish to withdrawal from the team prior to the first practice, a full refund will be issued; minus $25.00 process fee.
  • If for some reason a family’s circumstances change and they wish to withdrawal from the team during the month of May, a partial refund will issued minus, the non-refundable fees, and minus $25.00 process fee.

All Refund requests must be made in writing by May 31st. After May 31st no refunds will be issued. No refunds are issued for violations of the Swimmer/Parent Etiquette policy.