Greetings Hampton Oaks Hurricanes families! Spirit and community bonding is a crucial part of a successful team.  In response to feedback we have received from our end of year surveys about the difficulties newer swim families on our team face, for the 2019 season we are excited to announce our new family mentor program.  

In this program, veteran/returning HOST families will be matched up with newer HOST families to help with a successful transition to summer swim.  Veteran families will be the “go-to” for our newer families to ask questions about practices, social events, stroke clinic, meets, meet seeding, the championship meet and anything else they may need.  

We ask you to share your contact information with each other and encourage your mentee family to reach out whenever they have questions.  If you are not sure of the answer to their question, please feel free to reach out to a member of the HOST Board.  We also encourage you to take the time to get to know your mentee family by introducing yourself at events and meets. 

All families interested in participating in this program, please fill out the form below and either hand it to a Board Member or email Megan Hubbard at [email protected] and indicate if you wish to be considered as a returning family or a newer family.  We hope you will consider becoming part of this exciting new program! Please respond NO LATER than May 31st.

As a mentor family, please reach out and make contact with your mentee family as soon as possible.   Exchange any/all pertinent contact information and try to meet face to face before or at the Kick-Off Swim party.  We hope this program will help bridge the gap for our newer families and make them really feel a part of the Hurricane Team.  Please contact us with any questions or ideas.  As this is a new program, we are very open to suggestions on how to make it better!!!