The meet & practice schedules as well as special events have been posted on the calendar pages.  The first after-school/evening practices will begin towards the end of May when the pool opens, and will change to mornings after school gets out.  Stay tuned for an exciting 2019 Hurricanes swim season!!

Meet Information for Swimmers & Parents:

Dual ("regular season") Meets:  

  • Warm-ups for all dual meets begin at 5:00 p.m. (home meets normally get the first 30 minute warmup period with visiting team getting the second warmup period).  All swimmers should check in with coaches and be ready to go prior to warmups.
  • Most meets start at 6 p.m. and should end by around 10:30 p.m. if there are no rain or meet delays. 
  • Rain Dates for all home meets will be the next day and TBA (at host team's discretion) for away meets.
  • If swimmers are unable to attend a meet they should notify the coaching staff and Volunteer Coordinator in advance of the meet.  This is very important to ensure the meet is properly seeded and all critical volunteer jobs are covered!  Also, if swimmers can’t stay for the entire meet, they should notify the coaching staff to ensure the relay participants are correctly listed and to give other swimmers the opportunity to fill in and swim later events. The earlier the coaches and the volunteer coordinator know about your absences, the better!

Recommended Clothing/Gear to bring to meets:

  • Suit (team suit optional but highly recommended, no other team's suit such as year-round or high school)
  • Team Shirt (optional)
  • Team Cap (highly recommended)
  • At least 1 good pair of goggles
  • Towel(s)
  • Blankets or chairs to sit on around or outside the pool deck
  • Healthy snacks, water! water! water! (being in the water doesn't count), sport drinks, or money for concession stand
  • Books, playing cards, games, etc. for between events
  • Change of clothes and sweat or Warmup Pants, and a jacket or sweatshirt for cooler evenings and/or rain delays
  • LOTS of Hurricanes Team Spirit- good sportsmanship ... quiet for the start ... then cheer like crazy during the race!!

2019 RSL Meet Schedule

Wednesday, June 19th – AWAY meet @ Lake of the Woods

Wednesday, June 26th – HOME meet against Salem Fields

Monday, July 1st – AWAY meet @ Grafton

Wednesday, July 10st – HOME meet against Grafton

Wednesday, July 17th - AWAY meet @ Salem Fields

Monday, July 22nd – HOME meet against Lake of the Woods

2019 RSL Championship Meet


WHAT: RSL Finals Meet – 3 Sessions **times tentative**

• Session 1: Events 1-22 (TBD, but approx 7:45 AM)

• Session 2: Events 23-42 (TBD, but approx 11:30 AM)

• Session 3: Events 43-66



• Hampton Oaks 

• Salem Fields

• Grafton

• Lake of the Woods

TBD AM Hampton Oaks 
TBD AM Hampton Oaks 

Finals is not like regular dual meets where HOST is allowed to seed everyone in at least one event. HOST is limited to six entries per event per age group besides the 25 or 50 freestyle event (distance based on age of your swimmer), then we are allowed eight. The actual meet is more like three meets rolled into one. There is the A, B, and C divisions based on times. There are two time standards that will be set for the finals meet in each event for each age group. The first standard separates the A from the B, second separates the B from the C. If you are faster than the first time standard, you compete in the A division. If you are slower than the first standard but faster than the second you swim in the B division. If you are slower than the second standard then you swim in the C division. Where you are matters only on your time in each event. It is possible for a swimmer to swim in all three divisions in different events depending on the times they same for each event. All three divisions score points. 7 points for first, 5 for second, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth, and 1 for sixth. This gives an equal opportunity for all athletes to win medals, and for all teams to win the meet.  **Basically, swimmers of all swim speeds have equal opportunities to win as they will be swimming against other swimmers the same speed.  This is why it is important to bring as many swimmers to finals as possible as it increases our odds of scoring points.  Each and every swimmer we have can make a big difference**

HOST asks that you declare your swimmer going or not going as soon as possible. Seeding a meet like finals is like seeding three separate meets at once. It is a very long process that takes days to complete. More importantly than the amount of time it takes, once we submit the entries at the seeding party almost a week prior to the actual meet, we are not allowed to make ANY changes. If your swimmer is not declared to swim, they will have no chance at being seeded and will have no chance at attending. If there is a possibility that your swimmer may not be able to attend, PLEASE LET US KNOW. If we seed your swimmer and they end up not going, you will have denied the chance of another member of the team from swimming in their place.

Simply because your child is declared, does not guarantee that they will swim at Finals. We do our best to bring everyone, but that may not be possible. The entire meet revolves around strict time standards and has strict restrictions on entries. Please keep this in mind as we move forward.