10.11.6. The Data Checkers shall be jointly responsible for: Determining the official order of finish in each event. In the event of the use of computer scoring, the data checker will verify the entry cards and timing sheets are correct. In the event the meet is scored by hand, the data checker will verify the score sheets have the properly awarded points and the times listed agree with the official time on the entry card.
10.11.9. At the conclusion of the swim meet, the home team is responsible for providing, to the RSL record chairperson: A list of identified triple winners and/or RSL record breakers. The information should include competitor's name, event with description, gender of the competitor, type of pool (yards or meters), official time, and the team affiliation. This list shall be reviewed by the scorers and signed. All entry cards including scratches, disqualified entry cards and DQ slips. Meet entry event planners from both teams. An electronic data backup of all meet results, or a copy of the meet score sheet.
10.11.10. If the meet is scored by hand, the data must be entered into the league database in such time as to be ready for the league seeding party. At the discretion of the League it may be necessary to have the teams in question verify the data entered.
10.11.11. The Scorer, Data Checker and Referee shall each sign the Official score sheet at the end of the meet. No changes to the final score will be allowed after that point, unless by official protest by the Team Representative.
10.11.12. Are responsible that all time cards, score sheets and event planners be delivered to the President of the RSL, Inc., or his/her designee. These records will be kept for the entire swim season.