10.9. Head Timer. The Head Timer shall:
10.9.1. Prior to the start of the meet he/she shall group and instruct the timers on their responsibility and procedures for timing. This meeting should also include a test to verify the accuracy of all watches to be used.
10.9.2. Assign 3 timers to each lane.
10.9.3. Designate one of these timers as the official recorder for that lane.
10.9.4. Signal the Referee that all timers are ready after all times have been recorded and time cards have been collected. The command to signal the Referee will be, "TIMERS CLEAR YOUR WATCHES."
10.9.5. Be responsible for delivering to the scorers, via the
runner, all official time cards as completed by the lane recorder. This is to include the time cards of any disqualified swimmer.
10.9.6. Shall start his/her watch(es) on every race. The Head Timer's watch shall be used in the event of a failure for any reason of an official lane timer's watch.