10.4. Referee. The Referee shall:
10.4.1. Have full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them prior and during the meet. The Referee shall have authority to decide any questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet.
10.4.2. Signal the starter, before each heat, when the pool is clear and ready for competition with the Stroke and Turn Judges in position.
10.4.3. Determine the final decision on any point where the opinions of any other official differ.
10.4.4. Sign off on all Disqualification slips (DQ) ensuring each is properly filled out. If in the opinion of the Referee, the DQ is not valid for any reason, then the Referee shall overrule the decision of the signatory official.
10.4.5. Prohibit the use of any bell, siren, horn or any other artificial noisemaking device, if in his/her opinion it is interfering with the course of the meet.
10.4.6. Disqualify any competitor for any personally observed rules violation.
10.4.7. Have the authority to interpose in a competition at any stage after the start of the meet to ensure competitive racing conditions and rules are observed.
10.4.8. Sign the score sheet at the conclusion of the meet.