RSL Trained Positions include:  Clerk of Course, Data Coordinator, Head Timer, Referee, Starter and Stroke and Turn Judge.

These positions require the parents to attend a RSL Training Session prior to season start. They are not difficult and open to everyone who is interested. These positions are crucial for the team. No meet can be held without trained officials!  Our goal is to have as many families as possible trained in at least one of these positions.

Current RLS Training Schedule

RSL Trained position.  Works entire meet.
Collects entry cards from each team. Organizes cards by events, heats, lanes. Ensures entry cards are handed out prior to start of event.
RSL Trained position. Works entire meet.
Enters swimmers times into the computer.
RSL Trained position.  1st and 2nd Shifts
Responsible for assembling/instructing all lane timers on their responsibility and procedures for timing prior to start of the meet. Assigns lanes, distributes and collects watches, pencils , and clipboards. Signals the Referee that all timers are ready. Starts two watches for every race in the event of a failure for any reason of an official timer's watch.
RSL Trained Position. Works entire meet.
The Referee shall have full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them prior to and during the meet. Signs off on all DQ slips and can disqualify any competitor for any personally observed rules violation. Signs the score sheet at conclusion of the meet. 
RSL trained.  1st and 2nd shift
Electronically starts each heat when the swimmers are ready to start.
RSL trained.  1st and 2nd shift
See job description at RSL training class.