10.5. Starter. The Starter shall:
10.5.2. Take a position within 10 feet of the starting edge of the pool, in a position so as to provide all timers with an unobstructed view of the starting device.
10.5.3. Upon clearance from the Referee, assume full control of the competitors until a fair start has been achieved.
10.5.4. Direct the competitors into their starting position and issue final instructions to include: The distance to be covered. The stroke(s) to be swum and in what order. The number of lengths to be covered.
10.5.5. Follow the instructions above with the command, "TAKE YOUR MARK." Sufficient time should follow this command to enable all competitors to assume a starting position. All competitors must assume a still position prior to the use of the starting device.
10.5.6. With the concurrence of the Referee, adapt any starting procedure to accommodate a
handicapped competitor.
10.5.7. With the concurrence of the Referee, disqualify competitors for delaying the start by entering the water while assuming a starting position, or for willfully disobeying an order on the start, or for any other misconduct observed while in the starting area.
10.5.8. If in his/her opinion a false start has been committed, the Starter shall immediately recall the swimmers using the starting device again and/or a recall rope (if available).