To bring to the meet:

Suit, cap, goggles, towel

Towel, Sweatshirt (evenings get cool)

Sharpie marker

Water bottle, snacks, $ for grill and bake sale

Blankets/chairs for extra seating

Bug spray, sunscreen

Before the meet:

You need to declare your swimmer for that meet two days prior on our website or they will not be placed in the lineup

Please sign up to volunteer, we can’t run the meet without everyone’s help.  We need each family to work 3 shifts throughout the season to make each meet happen.  See more details in the Volunteering tab.

Prepare a Bake sale item for home meets (baked goods, small bags of snacks, fruit). This is a fundraiser for our team.  (This information will be emailed prior to our home meets)


Arrive at least 15 minutes before warm-ups (times vary depending on meet, approx 5:30)

Check in with your swimmer’s coach and get their event list

If you are volunteering, check in with the volunteer coordinator for that meet

Drop off Home meet bake sale items at Bake sale table by the Lifeguard office

Sharpie your swimmer’s events on their arm or leg (from the example above)

Medley Relay order: Back, Breast, Fly Free

For 10 year olds and younger Sharpie your swimmer’s last name only on their back shoulder. This helps us line up your child for their event

How to Mark a Swimmer's Arm

Swimmers mark their arms with Event, Heat and Lane numbers to help them remember their race info. Parents of younger swimmers, please write your swimmer's name on their back/shoulder blade with a Sharpie marker. This helps the land parents and timers quickly and easily confirm that swimmers are in the right heat and right lane for their events. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the marks after the meet.

DQ's are OKAY...Really!

Swimmers will be disqualified (DQ'd) for stroke infractions and improper turns or finishes. If your child is DQ'd, please reassure your swimmer that it is okay and that you are proud of them for trying!  A DQ is just part of the learning process in our technical sport...and even the best and most experienced swimmers get DQ'd occasionally!  The coaches receive DQ reports after meets and will work to re-teach the correct skills in practice. Just keep encouraging your swimmer to listen to the coaches' instructions and keep working hard at every practice. 



Watch the events and heats posted at the meet

Your swimmer should line up 3 events before their race.  Be aware that some events will have multiple heats while others only have one.

Any questions about your child’s events should be directed to their coaches 


There is a grill at each meet where you can purchase dinner and sometimes a bake sale for snacks.

Some pools do not allow you to bring your own coolers or food

Ribbons will be available the morning following the meet at practice in the ribbon file boxes

SSA Championships:

Swimmers must have competed in at least two regular season meets to participate in the championships.