Each pool has different policies regarding carry-in food and alcohol at swim meets. Please refer to the following chart when advising your team on what they can/cannot bring to an away swim meet hosted by another league club.



                                                      Food/Coolers      Carry-In Alcohol


Black Oak (BOSC)                                         YES                         YES


Christopher Club (CSC)                                YES                       YES


Dayton Country Club (DCC)                         NO                          NO


Dunsinane Swim Club                                  YES                         YES


Five Seasons Sports Club (FSSC)                NO                          NO


NCR Country Club (NCR)                              NO                          NO


Pleasant Hill Swim Club (PHSC)                           YES                        YES


Sycamore Creek Country Club (SCCC)        NO                          NO


Woodhaven Swim Club (WHSC)                            YES                       YES



Please advise your team that any pools/clubs who do not permit these items to be brought into their club’s facility may reserve the right to confiscate any items in violation of their club’s policies until the end of the swim meet, at which time those items shall be returned to the rightful owner(s).


Exceptions shall be made by the host pool for items deemed as “snacks” or “drinks” for swimmers (such as drink boxes, small snack pouches, etc) which are intended to be consumed by swimmers for the purpose of mid-meet nourishment and energy regeneration.