1.     Lead the Pre-meet gathering.


2.     Simulate a start and stop for timers and ask them to compare their times

        within each lane for consistency.


3.     Assure communication with the starter prior to each event.


        A.     Stop the starter if the times for the preceding race have not been

        recorded  or if there is a mismatch between the announced swimmer(s) and

        actual swimmers.


         B.     The starter must always make eye contact with the “head” timer to

         assure lane timers are prepared.


4.      “Catchers” for 6 & under swimmers


         A.     Confirm coaches have provided “catchers” with safety instructions for

         the swimmers in their lane.


         B.    Remind “catchers” to wait until the swimmer has broken the plane of  

         the finish line before they touch a swimmer who is not in distress.


         C.   Check for “Catchers” in ALL lanes for the 6 & under swimmers prior to start of     first event.


5.      Ensure swimmers do not obstruct timers as they gather for upcoming   

         events or cheer during a race.


6.      Run two watches during each event; have a third available as a back up for  

         a lane timer to use in the event of a stopwatch malfunction issue.


7.      Have pencils / pens available if needed.


8.      Assure the timers receive hospitality beverages at appropriate intervals.