Swim & Dive D2 State Champions

Girls: 2019 & 2020

Boys: 2021



FILL Out HEALTH SCREENER before your 1st practice of the day


Updated Swim & Dive In-Person Practice (as of 1/16/21)

First Day of Practice:   Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 8a - 11a (ALL Swimmers)
MLK Day Practice: Monday, January 18, 8a - 11a (ALL Swimmers)
Starting Tuesday, January 19, 2021:
M, W, F morning practice 5:30a - 7:00a** (Select Swimmers only) 
M, W, F evening practice 6:00p - 8:30p - (All Swimmers)
T & Th strength training 5:30AM - 7:00AM - VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM - (All Swimmers)
Saturday practice: 8:00a - 11:00 am - (All Swimmers - run by Coach Jim)
**   Coaches will notify the swimmers who qualify for morning practice by EOD on 1/18.​


Link to strength training sessions: TUES & THURS from 530am - 7:00am for SWIMMERS & DIVERS


About Morning Swim Practice:
  • Seaholm Boys Swimming & Diving Invited to M, W, F Morning Swim Practice 2021 Season
  • Attending morning swim practice is a privilege that can be revoked by the coaches. (The boys attending know the coaches expectations)
  • Swimmers not initially chosen to attend morning practice, can earn that right/opportunity to swim MWF and will be notified if they do.
    • Max Angel
    • Patrick Branch
    • Charlie Beck
    • Dylan Buese
    • Jake Buese
    • Tate Chutkow
    • Zane Chutkow
    • Luke Deighan
    • Carter Ehrke
    • Tom Girdler
    • Owen Gregg
    • Scott Hassett
    • Kai Heath
    • Eric Howell
    • Luke Liddell
    • Bryce Liddell
    • Andrew McLean
    • Mitchell Mollison
    • Joe Novak
    • Owen O’Neill
    • Ever Quesada
    • Mic Ricelli
    • Finley Rijnovean
    • Curran Tew
    • Cami Wilson

In-Person Equipment Requirements: 

  • Please make sure you have ALL the required in-person practice equipment listed on site for ALL practices!
  • ALL equipment needs to be labeled with the name of the swimmer/diver.
Updated Dive Practice Schedule
First Day of Dive Practice:    Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 1130a - 130p (Divers)
MLK Day Practice: Monday, January 18, 1130a - 130p (Divers)
Weekdays 3:30 - 5:30 pm



  • Be on time – Team members are expected to login in advance of the start time so they are ready to participate on time. Sessions will begin promptly at their scheduled start time.
  • Wear appropriate attire – Team members are expected to dress for working out: t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes/sneakers. Sweats are also acceptable. No jeans. No sandals. No bare feet. No bare chests.
  • Keep camera on – Team members are expected to keep their cameras on so the coaches can see them.
  • Mute microphone – Team members are expected to keep their microphones on mute. If they have a question, they are to use the Raise Hand feature. A coach will then recognize them, at which time they can unmute their microphone and ask their question. Once the question has been answered, the team member that asked the question is to once again mute their microphone.
  • Speaker view – Team members are expected to set Zoom to speaker view so they can clearly see the coach leading the session. 
  • Clear enough space – To the best of their ability, team members are expected to find a location within their home to clear enough space for them to move backward and forward, side-to-side, and jump without interference. Access to a doorway with a door would also be helpful.
  • Same household – Team members are expected to participate from their own homes and only with team members from their own household (i.e., team members who live together-brother, exchange student, etc.). Team members from different households are NOT to congregate and participate together in the same space/location/home.


  • The Remote Strength Training & Video Review Program will continue as long as restrictions remain in place that prohibit the team from meeting in-person.
  • The current epidemic order that prohibits us from meeting in person is set to expire on January 15, 2021.
  • If at that time we are able to hold in-person practices, we will issue a new updated practice schedule.
  • If the restrictions are extended, then we will continue the remote strength training and video review program until such time the restrictions are lifted.


  • If they don’t already possess the same or equivalent equipment, team members are asked to acquire the following equipment as soon as possible, which is available from Amazon (except the chair).
    • Body Glove Core & Toning AB Wheel
    • GYTF Resistance Loop Bands
    • AROVA Resistance Bands-5pc
    • Azurelife Higher Resistance Bands
    • Chair or Bench *(something you have at home)