Swim & Dive D2 State Champions

Girls: 2019 & 2020

Boys: 2021



Seaholm High School

Boys Swim & Dive

Code of Honor

We the members of the Seaholm Boys Swimming & Diving Team 

know we have no destinies other than those we forge ourselves.

Thus we do not get upset when criticized by others.  We accept blame for

 the things that go wrong and responsibility for the things that go well.

We look for reasons, not excuses and believe our mistakes 

teach us only to do things better.

We understand that the needs of the team come before the needs of the 

individual and recognize that there is no greater glory than team glory.

We respect our teammates, our coaches, and our competitors and 

offer only constructive and positive advice.

We know and understand that there are no shortcuts to success, that shortcuts are 

simply and only the quickest way to someplace we don’t want to go.

We are serious, enthusiastic, and conscientious about our sport.  

We are friendly, cooperative, and disciplined.

In season, our sport is the most important extracurricular activity we do.  

We understand that to succeed in our sport, however, we must first succeed in school.

We know that success in school leads to better performance in, as well as out of the pool.

When asked to do new things, we apply ourselves fully.  

We set challenging yet realistic goals.  

We view every competition and every training session 

as opportunities to improve.

We know to succeed we must do; to do we must believe; to believe we must dream.

These are our ways.  These are the ways of the Seaholm Boys Swimming & Diving Team.