Swim & Dive D2 State Champions

Girls: 2019 & 2020

Boys: 2021



Safety is a priority!

Swim & Dive Apparel Requirements:

  • Team Speed Swim Suit (Order from Varsity Shop)
  • Swim Cap (w/ Booster Fee)
  • New Seaholm Warm-Up (Order From Varsity Shop)
  • Mask (1X will come w/ Booster Fee)
  • See below for required IN PERSON PRACTICE equipment


Eligibility Criteria for Meet Participation

  • Complete details can be found in the handbook found here!  Please see your coaches for additional questions or clarifications.

In-Person Practice Equipment - Require

  • Swimmers are required to bring the following equipment to every practice (always confirm final equipment requirements/list with your coaches):
  • A note from Coaches on why this equipment is required and how used:
    • Swimsuit, goggles, fins, kickboards, snorkel, hand paddles and pull buoy- these are standard swim equipment used in all sorts of drills and sets to improve swimming speed and form.
    • Water Bottle - we have long practices with little to no time to stop and get out to drink from the drinking fountain. The boys need to have water or an electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.
    • Kick Stick - We use kick sticks to improve body positioning and form while kicking with the snorkel. 
    • Small Candle - is used for stability, the boys will use this to ensure they are keeping their head steady and level while swimming. 
    • Softball - is used for body positioning to keep the body in line while swimming. A softball is a perfect size to hold between your chin and chest to keep your body in line.
  • Brief style bathing suit (no jammers, no drag suits) - this should be team suit (mandatory for meets) and should be ordered from Varsity Shop during Apparel purchases
  • Goggles
  • Finis Snorkel (can be purchased online at
  • Kick Stick (3/4″ PVC piping cut to a length of 24 inches, can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s)
  • Water bottle (filled with 50% water 50% glucose solution (i.e., Gatorade)
  • Pull buoy (brand doesn’t matter, can be single or two-piece buoy, can purchase online at
  • KickBoard  (brand doesn't matter -
  • Floating Fins (suggested brands: Bettertimes Floating Fins, Finis Floating Fins, or ClubSwim Floating Fins- can purchase online at
  • FINIS Agility Hand Paddles -
  • Small votive candle (2" - 2 1/4") - yes, a votive candle. 
  • Softball


Label Your Gear

  • To keep track of your equipment, it’s a good idea to label it, especially your snorkel.  A Sharpie works great.  Inadvertently sharing your snorkel with a teammate could result in illness.  With H1N1 lurking around and the seasonal flu too, accidentally sharing snorkels with a teammate isn’t something you really want to do.


DRYLAND EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS (per email sent on 12.13)


  • One of the major challenges of the High School Boys Swimming & Diving season is the fact that three major school recesses occur during the course of the season:  Thanksgiving Recess, Winter Recess, & Mid-Winter Recess.
  • Collectively, they represent over 25% of the season. Though we don’t hold practice over the Thanksgiving holiday, we do hold practice during the other breaks because missing a quarter of the season would be detrimental to our athletes’ success.
  • The Winter Recess is perhaps our most intense training period. Without classes and meets we are able to have more focused practices throughout the break. This gives our swimmers who come into the season a bit out of shape the chance to play a little catch-up. It also allows the coaches to spend extra time on technique.
  • Mid-Winter Recess (typically) occurs the week before our League Championships (OAA League Meet is TBD)!
  • The League Championship Meet is a focal point for our team and our performance at that meet determines our standing in the League. 
  • For many of our athletes, it is also their best and last shot at achieving a state-qualifying time standard and is their terminal meet for the season. So attending all the Mid-Winter recess practices is imperative in order to achieve their respective goals for the year!

Varsity Letter Requirements


  • Attend and actively participate in 90% of all practices, and
  • Attend and actively participate in 100% of all meets (those for which you qualify), and
  • Finish 5th place or better in at least 1 individual event at every dual meet,  or

  • Finish 3rd place or better in at least 1 relay event at every dual meet, or

  • Score points in at least 1 individual event at the OAA Division Championship Meet, or

  • Score points in at least 1 relay event at the OAA Division Championship Meet, or

  • Compete at the MHSAA Division 2 State Championship Meet in at least 1 individual event, or

  • Compete at the MHSAA Division 2 State Championship Meet in at least 1 relay event.

  • *The coaching staff reserves the right to take into consideration extenuating circumstances such as illness or injury when applying these standards.  Seniors in good standing that have competed for the team for 4 years and have met the meet and practice attendance criteria (and not the other criteria) will be considered for a varsity letter.