Swim & Dive D2 State Champions

Girls: 2019 & 2020

Boys: 2021




All teams in Oakland County participate in the Oakland County Meet. The top 40 times in each event swim. Those who have met the “A” cutoff have a guaranteed spot. The rest of the 40 spots will then be filled by those who have met the “B” cutoff.



The Seaholm Girls Swim and Dive Team is a member of the Oakland Activities Association (OAA). Each year, the OAA is split into 3 divisions (Blue, White, and Red) based on a combination of the previous year’s performance and graduating seniors. This year, Seaholm, will be participating in the top division, OAA Red, along with Farmington, Groves, Rochester Adams, and Lake Orion. The championship meet is a prelim/final meet. Prelims will be held on Wednesday for swim, Thursday for Diving. Then on Friday, finals for both swim and dive are held. Each team is allowed a maximum of 36 official entries (swimmers and divers) along with unlimited exhibition, which will swim on Wednesday’s prelims, but cannot swim in the finals on Friday, even if faster than swimmers in the finals. However, qualifying times attained for the State meet during either prelims or finals will be acknowledged. The top 16 swimmers in prelims will advance to finals. The top 8 will swim in the championship heat, while 9-16 will swim in the consolation heat. No matter how fast a swimmer in the consolation heat swims, she cannot place higher than 9th.



Seaholm is a D2 school. The State Meet is a prelim/final meet. Divers must place top 12 at the Regional Diving Meet in order to dive in Prellims on Friday at the State Meet. All swimmers who earn a qualifying time will swim in Prelims on Friday. The top 16 swimmers and divers in prelims will advance to finals on Saturday.


  • Relay:
    • 1st = 40, 2nd = 34, 3rd = 32, 4th = 30, 5th = 28, 6th = 26, 7th = 24, 8th = 22,  9th = 18, 10th = 14, 11th = 12, 12th = 10, 13th = 8, 14th = 6, 15th = 4, 16th = 2
  • Individual:
    • 1st = 20, 2nd = 17, 3rd = 16, 4th = 15, 5th = 14, 6th = 13, 7th = 12, 8th = 11, 9th = 9, 10th = 7, 11th = 6, 12th = 5, 13th = 4, 14th = 3, 15th = 2, 16th = 1
  • In championship meets, a team can score as many swimmers/divers as qualify for the meet.