Swim & Dive D2 State Champions:

Girls 2021 & 2020 & 2019

Boys 2021

Boys Water Polo District Champions 2022

Girls Water Polo District Champions 2021


Thank you for helping with morning breakfast.  The girls look forward to a healthy breakfast after morning practice.

Please plan to be set up by 6:45am on your assigned days.

Fridays - “Grab & Go” day.  Please bring items such as: bagels & cream cheese, low-fat muffins, granola bars, low-fat chocolate milk, bananas, clementines, oranges, bag of grapes, etc.  This is meant to be a quick, on the run type of meal.

Monday & Wednesday - Please bring a “healthyish” type of main entree such as: egg bake, egg burritos, egg sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, fruit, low-fat/low sugar yogurt, low-fat/low sugar granola, low-fat chocolate milk, orange juice.

If you aren’t available on the day that you are scheduled, please find another person to switch with. We tried to pair upperclass parents with lowerclass as much as possible.

Dates and Assignments TBD