Swim & Dive D2 State Champions

Boys: 2021

Girls: 2019 & 2020


Seaholm Aquatics Website Registration

Hello Seaholm Swim Dive & Polo Parents,

Electronic registration to the Seaholm Aquatics website is OPEN! Join the website here, for all of your swim and polo team communications, calendars, events, and news.

  • Girls Swim & Dive
  • Boys Water Polo
  • Boys Swim & Dive
  • Girls Water Polo

So please take a few minutes as soon as possible to set up your account. The best time to do this is NOW. Then when we start sending team information about the upcoming season, you are already set up to get notifications. Don't miss out!

For now that just means contact information and adding your athletes to your account. *By the way athletes can only be assigned to one "Billing Group" at a time so if your athlete plays more than one sport, please choose the sport that comes first on the calendar. For example, for an athlete who swims in the Fall and plays polo in the Spring...she should select Girls Swim & Dive.

Thank you!