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Pam Swander

After 30 years of service, both the baby pool and diving board have failed this season.  Our pool manager is gathering the necessary input from the professionals about how to repair these features.  It’s taking more time than desired, and we thank you for your continued patience with the baby pool and diving board being out of service. 

With these two features a quick fix is not possible to satisfy SCDHEC code and insurance.  The options are to remove, repair or replace.  We are exhausting all reasonable repair or replace options before removal.  For example, the research for refabricating a new steel frame for the diving board is underway.  If there is anyone in the membership that has expertise and willing to help, please email me at [email protected]


Congratulations to our Topspin Summer swim team members for their outstanding swim season and 3rd place finish at the City Meet.  The 3rd place finish is the highest finish in a decade.  Topspin Dolphins won their division for the most dual meet wins and recognized by their division by winning the Sportsmanship Award.  We are grateful and thank our wonderful summer league coaches; Coach Abbey Ellis, Coach Anna O’shaughnessey , Coach Rence Coker, Coach Jane Tayler and Coach Annabeth Cochran.  Thank you to all who volunteered to help make this season a great success!