New this 2023 Summer Season for ages 3 and older

Carolina Aquatics SwimAmerica Swim Lessons and includes swim team membership. 

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SwimAmerica Swim Lesson
Group  Days  Dates Time Stations offered  

Evaluation & Station Placement

(see Station descriptions below)


M/W June 5-July 5 8:30-9:00a Stations 1-7 Take place at the first lesson.


M/W June 5-July 5 9:00-9:30a Stations 1-7 Take place at the first lesson.


T/TH June 6-July 6 8:30-9:00a Stations 1-7 Take place at the first lesson.


T/TH June 6-July 6 9:00-9:30a Stations 1-7 Take place at the first lesson.

COST: $250:   $50 registration  fee, $200 Class fee.  $50 is due at the time of registration the $200 class fee will be billed on June 1st.  Includes membership on the Topspin Swim Team and participation in meets when swimmer(s) are ready.


Station Skills and Advancement Goals

  Skills to be learned Advancement Goals

Station 1 - "Bubbles"

  • Gradual water adaptation
  • Movement in the water
  • Breath holding and release
  • Submersion of the face
  • Opening eyes underwater
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Bobbing with bubbles and air exchange
  • 10 relaxed bobs

Station 2 - "Floats & Glides"

  • Front float and recover 
  • Front glide and recover 
  • Back float and recover
  • Back glide and recover 
  • Basic kicking skills
  • Front glide and recover - 5 seconds
  • Back glide and recover - 5 seconds

Station 3 - "Kicking"

  • Porpoising
  • Front kick, glide, and recover 
  • Back kick, glide, and recover 
  • Dolphin kick, glide, and recover
  • Front kick - 15 feet 
  • Back kick - 15 feet

Station 4 - "Crawl Stroke"

  • Rollover - front to back, back to front 
  • Finning and sculling 
  • Side-glide-kick 
  • Crawl armstroke
  • Side-glide-kick - 20 ft 
  • Crawl stroke - 20 ft (no breathing)

Station 5 - "Freestyle"

  • Crawl stroke with breathing 
  • Back crawl stroke
  • Crawl stroke with breathing
        (30+ feet, 4+ breaths)

Station 6 - "Backstroke"

  • Extended freestyle swimming 
  • Tread water 
  • Jump in and tread water 
  • Sitting dive 
  • Kneeling dive 
  • Standing dive
  • Swim freestyle 75 ft 
  • Swim backstroke 30 ft 
  • Tread water for 1 minute 

Station 7 - "Breaststroke & Butterfly"

  • Breaststroke kick 
  • Breaststroke swim 
  • Butterfly arms 
  • Butterfly swim
  • Swim freestyle 50 yards 
  • Swim backstroke 25 yards 
  • Kick breaststroke 20 ft


Carolina Aquatics Teaches Kids to Swim for Health, Safety, Fitness & Fun

Our swim lessons are geared toward both beginner and more experienced swimmers.  Our program is unique to other swim lesson programs in that we are:

Goal Driven

We have a well-defined set of advancement goals for each of the ten stations.  This way we can breakdown the learn-to-swim progression into phases.

Confidence Building

Swimmers can “graduate” to the next level at any point during the session, which creates a sense of accomplishment as they move from station to station. 

Technique Oriented

We are very concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics.  Proper technique is often overlooked in beginners much to the detriment of the swimmer.  Correcting errors is a much more difficult process later in the developmental progression.  Our coaches emphasize correct technique from the first lesson.

Individualized Instruction

Unlike conventional swim lessons, our goal is to maintain 4-5 swimmer to 1 coach ratio.  This gives the swimmer individualized instruction that allows the child to progress at his or her own pace throughout the session.

Experienced Coaches

Our swim lessons coaches are supervised and trained by our Program Director Coach Pam Swander.  Our coaches are local competitive swimmers and/or lifeguards  that are certified by the American Swimming Coaches Association.  Their experience and commitment to the sport of swimming give our swim lessons a distinct advantage over conventional lesson programs.


Frequently asked questions: 

  • SwimAmerica Learn to Swim Summer Lesson Program is a 5-week commitment.
  • Includes swim team membership.
  • Evaluation for Placements in the proper Station happens during the first lesson.
  • When advancement goals are met your swimmer is immediately moved to the next station.
  • Ideal for ages 3 through 12.years old
  • Because the goal of maintaining a 4-5 to 1 Coach to Swimmer Ratio is important to us NO switching out days.
  • No Refunds or make ups offered for missed classes.
  • In the case of inclement weather, Program Director Coach Pam announces all cancellations immediately and will also notify families of the makeup schedule by email.
  • No sibling discounts
  • Membership at Topspin not required