Rollingwood Rockets Swim Team

FAQ Sheet

  • What age do you need to be for swim team? 

Team members can be from 6 to 18 years old, and the age is determined as of June 15.

  • How do I know if my child is ready for the team?

Your swimmer must be completely water safe, and be comfortable putting his/her face in the water. The swimmer must be able to swim close to a half lap of freestyle (“big arms”), and be comfortable on his/her back. More importantly, the child must display appropriate behavior and listening skills for a group environment.

  • What is the team philosophy?

The Rockets’ primary philosophy is to promote competitive swimming in a fun and supportive environment. As always, our kids come first!  We want our swimmers to cherish their days as Rollingwood Rockets - the fun they have at practices and meets, the special friendships made, and the excitement of competition and being a part of a team. By encouraging our swimmers and families to focus on improving skills and physical fitness, rather than winning, we hope to create an enjoyable experience for all. At the same time, we set high standards and try to teach the swimmers that discipline and hard work can help them attain their goals. These are lessons they can apply not only to swimming, but to other areas of their lives as well, such as academics, athletics, and life in general.

  • Do we have to be club members to join the swim team? 

Each swimmer must have at least one family club member. You may take year-round lessons and participate in seasonal clinics without being a member.  Membership specials are available for swim families, contact Rollingwood Athletic Club for more detail! 

  • When does swim team start and end?

Swim team starts in early April and ends late in July. See the Calendar tab of this website for specific dates. All new swimmers are encouraged to join the Spring Clinic, which begins the first week of March.

  • How many days a week is practice?

Practice is offered every week-day, and participation is encouraged to be at least three days a week. During the school year it is understandable if a swimmer cannot meet this goal every week, but once the meets start in mid-May, it is expected that swimmers meet or exceed the 3-day requirement.

  • What time is practice?  Spring and summer?

From April until school gets out in mid-June, practice will be in the afternoon. In the summer practice times shift to mornings with the older swimmers praciticing first. The beginning groups practice mainly in the indoor pool. See the Practice Times section of the website for specific practice days and times.

  • How are swimmers broken into practice groups, by age or by skill level?

To accommodate varying skill levels, coaches evaluate and place swimmers in groups based on swim skills, work ethic, and maturity (listening skills, focus, and behavior are important!). There are six separate swim groups in the summer; Firecrackers, Bottlerockets, Orange, Red, Purple and Blue. In the spring, the Purple and Blue Groups are usually combined into a “Gold” group until the high school swimmers finish their season.

  • What about the meets?  Against who will my swimmer compete?

Swimmers compete by age group and gender. The age is determined as of June 1st. Groupings are 6 & under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15-18.

  • How often are the swim meets?  Where are they?

Swim meets are typically every Saturday from mid-May until Champs in July.  The Rockets are 1 of 5 teams in the NorCal Swim Leage - Mother Lode Conference.  most  meets are in the Sacramento metro area (20 mile radius).

  • Do we have to swim every meet?

No. On the website, swimmers must indicate a few weeks in advance if they are “in or out” for a meet.  If swimmers do not sign in, or fail to indicate, they will not swim. Families are encouraged to enjoy their summers while making as many meets as they can.

  • What is my commitment as a parent?

Swim team is run solely by parent volunteers. Each family is asked to commit to a job in a variety of areas such as timer, age group parent, hospitality etc. Full details will be available at registration.

  • What is "Champs", and do we have to participate?

“Champs” is the NorCal League Championship meet for all 5 teams that occurs over a Saturday & Sunday in July.  It is a culmination of all the year’s efforts, and each team member is expected to participate.

  • What do I get for my swim team money?

Up to five days per week of swim practice from exceptional, professional, passionate coaches, family BBQs, socials, movie night, individual growth reward program, swim meet entries and ribbons, entry to Champs and awards night. Each swimmer registered “on-time” also receives a Rockets Team t-shirt from the generous Booster Club. And most importantly, you get 4 months of family FUN!

  • What equipment do I need for swim team?

A practice suit and a Team Suit (for meets only; ordered after swim team begins; est. $40 boys, $65-85 girls), goggles, swim cap (for boys or girls with hair longer than 2 inches). The purchase of swim fins is highly recommended by each family.  

  • How do I register my child?

Registering for the Rockets is a four-step process:

  1. Before your swimmer can register for the swim team, a member of their family must be a member of Rollingwood YMCA. You can call 988-1727 or see the Rollingwood Y website for more information on membership options. A club representative will be available at the Rocket's Registration Night Social (see the Important Dates page for day and time).  
  2. Register for the Rockets Swim Team on-line at  This can be done at home or at one of our in-person registration events mentioned below.
  3. Once a club member and registered for swim team, the Swim Team Registration Fee must be paid to Rollingwood YMCA by check, credit card or through your club account.  There is no on-line payment option.  A separate payment to the Rollingwood Rockets Booster Club (RRBC) must  then be paid by check only made out to RRBC.  Again, there is no on-line payment option.

There are opportunities to register in-person, at our registration social and on-line.  Please see the calendar for specific dates.