Sacramento Stingray COVID-19 Swim Protocols


Protocols are based on Sacramento County Public Health guidelines and are subject to change.


Swimmers will be assigned a designated cohort (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur).  

Options to switch cohorts or “make up” days will not be considered/allowed once practices begin.   





  1. Meet at the entrance to the pool at the assigned time for check-in.  
  2. Stingray Coach/Board Member will have each swimmer conduct hand sanitizing, perform a temperature check & administer the daily health/symptom questions prior to entering the pool deck.
  3. Practice times are staggered from other cohort groups to ensure that each practice group can be checked in and escorted to their designated area using social distancing without overlap of swimmers. 
  4. Once checked in, swimmers will maintain a minimum of six feet between them and other swimmers and proceed to the pool with their assigned coach. Swimmers will place their bags/towels on X's that have been placed on the deck. Each X is spaced a minimum of 10ft apart from each other. 
  5. Spectators (including parents/guardians) will NOT be permitted inside the club gate.   
  6. Entry gate will be closed once all participants have entered.  Swimmers arriving late will not be permitted to enter after check-in has been completed.   


  1. Swimmers/Coaches will be divided into cohorts of no more than  (12-15 athletes) based on ability level.
  2. The assigned cohort coach will supervise all activities of their cohort within the pool area.
  3. Social distancing (minimum of 6 feet with masks and 10 feet without) MANDATORY during all out of water activity. Swimmers may only remove their masks at the explicit direction of their assigned coach.
  4. Swimmers in the pool will have no more than three swimmers in each lane, dependent on swimmer ability level.   Each athlete will be on opposite sides of the pool when at rest, with a third resting underneath the flags. This will allow athletes to maintain a minimum of 10ft distance when not in motion/swimming. 
  5. Swimmers will supply their own water bottle which may be kept at the end of their designated lane.  


  1. Each cohort will gather their personal belongings and wait for directions given by their assigned coach.
  2. Cohorts will exit in staggered times to avoid large gatherings and to maintain six-foot spacing at all times.
  3. Once a cohort has exited the pool area, they will proceed to their designated pick-up area and/or released to their parent/guardian and maintain social distancing of six feet with masks on while exiting the area.  
  4. After all swimmers have left the pool area, the assigned coach will sanitize any/all equipment used during the session prior to the start of the next cohort practice group arriving.



Stay home if a swimmer is feeling sick, experiencing COVID-related symptoms (symptoms include, but are not limited to: fever of 100.4 or higher, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell) or if a swimmer has been in close contact to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

​​All SWIMMERS, regardless of age, MUST wear face coverings when inside the pool gate, unless specifically instructed to remove it by their designated coach.  Come dressed in workout clothes, with a swimsuit worn underneath, and shoes.  There will be NO ACCESS to indoor facilities, including restrooms.

Each swimmer brings their OWN water with their name on it.  Each player will also bring their own, swim cap and goggles for use in the pool. * Swimmers will have an individual area designated for their personal belongings. This will be marked by X's on the pool deck.  Swimmers are encouraged to bring only required materials (towel, cap, goggles, and water bottle) to limit the number of personal items on deck at any time.  

There will be NO sharing of athletic supplies such as towels, clothing, shoes, or water bottles, between swimmers and/or coaches.


posted 3/9/2021