Champs, champs, champs

Registrar Stingrays
Jun 28, 2019
Quick Sting-a-Thon update: Be sure to check your emails! A request has gone out to all qualifying families to send in your swimmer's sizes for prizes! Response required by Sunday, June 30.

All the details for

Champs 2019!

Championships is almost here!! Make sure you're ready by reading this email in it's entiery. We know it's a lot of information, but it's all necessary!

Champs the culmination of our meet season, where we come together with the other 5 teams in our league to compete, make new friends, and spend a weekend together! Now that everyone has a good feel for what meets are like with one other team, imagine what a production it is to attend a meet with all SIX! Read on for highlights, and CLICK HERE for more details than you would ever want to know! 

  • Maps
  • Guide for new families (link above)
  • Timeline
  • Declare for Champs link
  • Volunteer for Champs link
  • Order ads and programs link
  • Program Cover Contest (all the way at the bottom)

Highlights and brief timeline...

Friday, July 19: Families are HIGHLY encouraged to come and help set up for the weekend! We ask families from ALL teams to come and help. Bonus: You get to bring your popup and stake your claim on your weekend spot! FAMILIES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO BRING THEIR PERSONAL ITEMS INTO THE POOL UNTIL SET UP IS COMPLETE. If you bring your popup in before set up is complete, we will remove your items! PLEASE COME BETWEEN 4-6PM TO HELP SET UP!

Saturday, July 20: Champs begins! Short free, backstroke, 6u relay, and medley relays for all other age groups. 6u ONLY swim on Saturday, they do not swim on Sunday. 

Sunday, July 21: Champs continues! Long free, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle relays are today. 6u do NOT swim on Sunday. Awards at the end of the meet! PLEASE CONSIDER STAYING FOR TAKE DOWN! Many hands make light work!

Can I declare for Champs now?

Yes!  You can declare your swimmer using the OnDeck app or through your account online. CLICK HERE to declare now, the deadline for declaring is JULY 14!!

What is my volunteer commitment?

Volunteering is a HUGE part of Champs. Just as we run our dual-meets with volunteers, we do the same at Champs with only a handful of exceptions. WE ARE ASSIGNED OUR PERCENTAGE OF VOLUNTEER POSITIONS BASED ON OUR REGISTRATION NUMBERS. As the largest team in the league by far, this means we also have the largest number of volunteer slots to fill! We MUST fill every slot assigned to us, and must report it back to the league. This also allows us to easily track who is and is not signed up for volunteering at Champs for our own team. SIGN UP FOR YOUR VOLUNTEER SLOTS HERE.

Tell me about programs and ads...

Champs programs are a great keepsake for your swimmer! This year, we are adding lots of fun things to make it more yearbook-style. Champs programs also list every event, heat, and lane assignment, and also have team photos and more! "Ads" are also available to be printed in the Champs programs. You can purchase an ad for your business, or purchase a small block for a photo and blurb for your swimmer (this is very popular!). To purchase your program and/or printed ad, CLICK HERE.