It isn’t possible without volunteers!

We cannot function as a team without everyone's help! Please choose the volunteer position that you feel would best suit your time and talents. Assignments will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteer sign ups occur during the Volunteer Sign-Up Event. For more information, see the  Volunteer Job Descriptions or contact the Stingrays Volunteer Coordinator.

We will be implementing a ‘pay-to-play’ model for Champs beginning 2018

As the largest team in the league, we are required to fill the largest number of volunteer positions at Champs. The actual number of swimmers that we have attending Champs does not factor into that equation; we are assigned a certain number of positions that we MUST fill, by the league regardless of the number of swimmers swimming the Champs meet. Therefore, if we cannot fill those positions, we will be hiring outside help in order to fill any open slots this year.  For more information visit the Volunteer Info page.



2018 Volunteer Leads & Committee Chairs

Volunteer Coordinator: Heather Johnson

If you are interested in leading and/or chairing committees, please contact Heather Johnson, our Volunteer Coordinator.
Dual Meet Lead Volunteers





Meet Director:

Meet Maintenance: 

Meet Referee: 


Ready Bench: 


Set-Up & Take-Down:

Snack Bar: 

Stroke & Turn: 

Team Parents:



Committee Chairs

Communications: Becky Repka

Fundraising: Needs to be filled

Ribbons/Swimmer Recognition: Elaine Thom

Special Events: Rian Mason & Brie Bajar

Stingray Gear: Shelby Greenlow