Description of Parent Volunteer Positions

The Sacramento Stingrays Swim Team is an all-volunteer organization. Getting involved is crucial to running a season and for the success of our swimmers. It offers all in attendance a chance to build friendships and have fun at our meets and throughout the season.  In order to have a successful swim season, the team needs more than 3,000 volunteer hours served in a variety of jobs at our meets, and behind the scenes.  Some assignments require training while other assignments do not.  Specifically, the assignments fall into three basic categories:  

  • Meet Related Assignments - No Experience Required
  • Meet Related Assignments - Some Experience Required
  • Non-Meet Related Assignments. Work is done away from meets at other times.

Below are the descriptions of these job assignments.  THANK YOU!


We will be holding a Volunteer Sign-Up Even which will allow an opportunity for all families (new and returning) to learn more about each committee, mingle, and get pumped up for the upcoming season. We will no longer be taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices for volunteer jobs, and instead you will simply sign up for the position that you feel suits your family the best during our Volunteer Sign-Up Event, on a first-come first-served basis. More information on this coming soon. 


Once your committee chair has contacted you and the training associated with that particular committee has been completed. The Job assignments associated with each meet will be opened a week prior to that meet. Each family will have the opportunity to sign up for jobs within their assigned committee. Signing up for your volunteer position will be done when you commit your child(ren) to swim in a specific meet. This must be done in order for your child to swim. The jobs are available on a first-come-first serve basis. Therefore it is important to complete your training and sign up early for each meet. Again,  it is important for you to work your volunteer hours at specific times and shifts during a meet, please remember to sign up early. 


ANNOUNCER - Number of spots needed: 3

  • Announce the races and swimmers at home meets.
  • Shift can be flexible. Usually 2-3 shifts per meet.
  • You get to sit in the announcer’s chair, where you can watch all the races.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Ability to speak clearly and pronounce swimmers’ names correctly.
  • Comfortable speaking on microphone.

BARBECUE - Number of spots needed: 4

  • Grill food for snack bar for home meets & work with snack bar crew for inventory
  • Half or full day shifts for all home meets

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Know how to work the barbecue

CHECK-IN - Number spots needed: 3

  • Check in swimmers and parent volunteers at the start of meet:
  • Early morning shift for all meets, but free for entire meet.

Helpful skills or experience:

  • Dependable volunteer, who will arrive for shift on time.

COMPUTER/COLORADO SYSTEM - Number of spots needed: 15

  • Work with a team of volunteers to record the meet races using the computer and Colorado system.
  • Shifts can be flexible. Volunteers can coordinate shifts and breaks, as needed.
  • This can be a good job for the right new parent (see helpful skills and experience).
  • At all home meets.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Strong computer skills are required and ability to work calmly under pressure a big plus.

FUNDRAISING - Number of spots needed: 4

  • Raise funds to support special activities and projects for the Stingrays.
  • Assist Champs Rep with soliciting ads from swimmers and local businesses for Champs program.
  • No work during meets.

HOSPITALITY - Number of spots needed: 6

  • Serve refreshments to volunteers “on deck” (timers, computer staff, ready bench, etc.).
  • Prepare food and clean-up for 30 minutes before/after meet.
  • Assist chair with buying and preparing food at home before meet.
  • Morning or afternoon shift for all home meets.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Number of spots needed: 4

  • Take photos of families, volunteers, swimmers, and coaches throughout the swim season at meets, special events, and practices. (For a slide show that we show at the Awards Ceremony).
  • Manage taking photos of multiple age groups and be responsible for having at least one photo of every swimmer in your assigned age group.
  • Expect to spend 10-15 hours at this job and commit to the entire season

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Have a DRSL camera, have internet connection, & know how to use Drop Box

READY BENCH - Number of spots needed: 12

  • Organize and line up swimmers on the bench for heats.
  • Work 1st or 2nd shift for home and away meets.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Prior experience working on deck highly recommended.
  • Ability to read and understand heat sheet.
  • Strong leadership skills and can remain calm under pressure.

***This is not a good choice for the parents of young children.

RIBBONS - Number of spots needed: 6

  • Attach labels to ribbons with race results for all meets.
  • Distribute in swimmers’ file folders within a week of each meet.
  • Help set up recognition rewards for swimmers at Awards Night.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Neat printing for writing on ribbon labels.

RUNNER - Number of spots needed: 4

  • Walk time sheets and disqualification sheets from Timers and Stroke & Turn to scorers’ table.
  • Work first or second shift for 3 home meets.
  • A great position for new parents who like to stay active and see what goes on at various levels at the meets and to get to know all the different parent volunteers.

***Because this position requires the volunteer to be very active, it is not good for the parents of young children.

SET UP - Number of spots needed: 16 - total for Set Up and Take Down

  • Set up all equipment for 3 home meets—computer system, shade structures, snack bar tables, etc.
  • Very early morning position. Set up is done before swimmer check-in (Approximately 6:00-8:00 am). BUT - You arrive early, so you get prime parking spot and first choice on where to “camp out” for the meet and you are free for the entire meet. (This can be a great position for new parents or parents of young children.)
  • Help at Champs.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Willingness to wake up VERY early and handle some heaving lifting.

SNACK BAR - Number of volunteers needed: 20

  • Sell food, snacks, and drinks at all home meets.
  • Replenish and put away food and supplies, and communicate food orders with barbecue crew.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Ability to readily make change

SPECIAL EVENTS - Number of spots needed: 8

  • Coordinate team special events, (i.e. Welcome Back Pot-Luck, Swim-a-Thon, Champs Breakfast, Awards Night).
  • There are no shifts for this position. Volunteers coordinate with each other to plan events.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Creative and enthusiastic “party planner”—-Great for Martha Stewart types!

STARTER - Number of spots needed: 5

  • Start each race using the Colorado Starting System.
  • Announce event and heat at start of race. This is the person who says, “Swimmers step up, take your mark, go!”
  • Signal swimmers to come back to starting blocks if there is a false start.
  • 1st or 2nd shift for all home meets.

Helpful skills/experience

  • Ability to speak clearly on microphone.

STROKE AND TURN - Number of spots needed: 8

  • Watch swimmers and judge legality of strokes and turns during races.
  • Complete disqualification slips, if swimmer does not meet compliance requirements of race.
  • Work one of 3 shifts for each meet, both home and away.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Swim team experience as stroke and turn judge or swimmer.

SWIM CLOTHING SALES - Number of spots needed: 1

  • Help committee chair make sales, sort, and distribute orders.
  • There are no shifts for this position.

TAKE DOWN - Number of spots needed: 16 - total for set up and take down.

  • Take down equipment after home meets and place items in storage unit.
  • Take down begins after the meet ends (approximately 1:00-2:30pm for an hour or so).
  • At all home meets

Helpful skills and experience:

  • Willingness to work after the meet ends and able to handle some heavy lifting.

TEAM PARENT - Number of spots needed: 24

  • Provide leadership to swimmers in a particular age group (ages 12 and under).
  • Write names event, heat, and lane numbers on each swimmer’s arm at all meets.
  • Make sure swimmers get to the ready bench in time for their races with all their gear (caps and goggles).
  • Typically works all meet, but has a lot of down time.

Helpful skills/experience: 

  • Be comfortable supervising large groups of children for short periods of time.

TIMERS - Number of spots needed: 36

  • Operate timing buttons and stop watches for races.
  • 1st or 2nd shift for all meets; 3 shifts for Champs.

Helpful skills/experience:

  • Strong hand-eye coordination, Lightning quick reflexes.

TEAM MAINTENANCE - Number of spots needed: 4

  • Responsible for facility maintenance and issues that arise during home meets (i.e., re-stock bathrooms with paper towels and toilet paper, empty trash cans, etc.)
  • 1st or 2nd shift at home meets.