Rules and Procedures Governing the Use of Shelter and Private Parties

  1. The Club Shelter may be reserved for private parties using the Club’s Shelter Registration Form.  No other area of the Club property may be reserved for the exclusive use of a private party.
  2. There is no fee to reserve the Shelter, however, there is a guest fee for non-Members of Woodhaven.  Before 5pm Shelter Reservation - $5.00 each swimmer and $2.00 each non-swimmer.  After 5pm Shelter Reservation - $3.00 each swimmer and $1.00 each non-swimmer.
  3. Only Members may place a Shelter Reservation.
  4. A Member is not able to reserve back-to-back, 3-hour time slots.
  5. A Member is limited to four active reservations.
  6. No reservations are permitted on Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day. At the discretion of the Pool Manager or Board President, an existing reservation may be changed or cancelled as necessary to accommodate a Club-sponsored activity which is published on the Club calendar.
  7. Prior to the conclusion of each reservation period, the reserving Member must promptly remove all belongings from the Shelter. Tables, benches, and grills must be wiped clean. All trash and recyclables must be placed in the appropriate receptacle.
  8. A Member may not host a private party consisting of more than 25 non-Member guests without the written approval of the Pool Manager at least one week prior to the date of the party.
  9. The Front Desk will have the Shelter Reservation Calendar, for the review of available dates, and to confirm the approval of a previously submitted Shelter Reservation Form.