Willowick Wildkats Newsletter #5 - Mentor Meet

July 13, 2022


MENTOR MEET - Saturday, July 16 at Mentor Civic Center

**The Pool will not be open until 630a**

645a - Check in with Coach Jack
655a - Team-only meeting
705a - Warm-ups
730a - Meet Starts  


All notifications that your swimmer(s) will not be at the meet on Saturday are DUE BY 6p TODAY . It is the assumption of the coaches that every swimmer will be at every meet. They are marked as such on our team website.

If your swimmer(s) cannot make it Saturday, please sign in to the team website ( www.willowickswimteam.com ):

  • Go to the EVENTS Tab

  • Click the EDIT COMMITMENT button for the Mentor Meet

  • Click on the swimmer(s) who will not be at the meet

  • Change their Signup Record from Yes to No. Put the reason for missing in the Notes section

  • Make sure to Save Changes (bottom right)

Please remember, this is the ONLY WAY , to let us know if your swimmer(s) will not be at a meet. The coaches will be generating their lineups right through the TeamUnify system. So it’s important that if your swimmer(s) cannot make it, they are marked as such.


If it's Saturday morning and you can suddenly not make it to the meet, please call or text Coach Jack (216.262.1390) as soon as possible.



This is our last away meet of the season, so the number of volunteers needed is significantly less than the past two weeks. Thank you to all of you who have stepped up to fill positions. We still need a few more though. As of this afternoon, we still need the following:.

  • Three timers

That is a lot of help we still need. We need EVERY FAMILY to pitch in and help. Use the "Job Signup" button for the Mentor meet to sign up!

PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY. DO NOT WAIT. The coaches Hide the meet on Wednesday’s at 6p so they can work on the lineups for Saturday. During that time, you will NOT be able to access the meet in order to sign up to volunteer. We do not want to have to scramble on Friday to find volunteers. Please sign up today.


For all second-half volunteer positions, please make sure you are paying attention to the announcer during all meets and report to your job when needed. The times on our website are just a guess. We switch out first-half/second-half volunteers at the halfway point of the meet, based on the events not the time.




Congratulations on another victory! This past week was a little more comfortable compared to the nail-bitter two weeks ago against HIghland Heights.

Individual results from the Chardon Meet can be found on our website or the TeamUnify app. You'll need to login in to view the results for this meet, or any meet.

Another meet, another week with new records. This week there was only one. Congratulations to Apolo Marinch who set a new 11-12 boys breaststroke team record .

Also, congratulations to the Swimmers of the Week and Wildkats of the Week for this past week:

* Swimmers of the Week - someone who had a great week at practice and in the meet

* Wildkats of the Week - someone who has demonstrated everything we stand for - coachable, helps out at practice, listens well, tries hard, encourages others, etc. Everything that is encompassed with our Wildkat Klass.

Swimmers of the Week

Wildkats of the Week

8&U: Jack Tranter

8&U: Colbie Vassil

9-10:  Jaxson Tompkins

9-10: Stephen Lacinak

11-12: Roko Perkovic

11-12: Allison Tompkins

13-15: Pete DiCello

13-15: Lucy DiCello

16-18: Hannah Avery

16-18: Joey Mausser





  • The annual dinner for the 15-year-olds and the coaches will be on Wednesday, July 27 at Dinos in Willowick. The swimmers and coaches will meet at Manry Park at 6p and the coaches will drive the kids to dinner. 

Everyone pays for their own dinner, but the coaches will treat everyone to ice cream afterward. The coaches will make sure all the kids get home afterward.

Please RSVP to Coach Jack.

  • We will be holding our annual 15-year-old graduation ceremony before our last home meet - Saturday, July 23. Sally Suponcic and Erin Trem will be coordinating with those parents of our graduates to put together the ceremony. 

Be on the lookout for an email from one of them. If you do not receive an email before this Saturday’s meet, please reach out to them at the meet.


Euclid is having a Cabana Raffle, for poolside viewing of the Championship Meet. Be on the lookout for more information


Registration for the banquet is now open. 

You can register from the team website. You do have to be signed in and you can find it either under the Events tab or under the Team Functions tab in the middle of the home page.

The banquet will be at Regovich Catering at The Patrician (33150 Lakeland Blvd., Eastlake). The doors will open at 6:30 p.m., with a family-style dinner served around 7 p.m. Prices, similar to last year, are as follows:

  • Swimmers are $5

  • Adults (anyone 13-years-old and older) are $23

  • Children (ages 3-12) are $16

  • 2 years old and younger are free


  • Select your swimmer(s), Select “Banquet-Swimmer” for the Registration Group

  • Once all swimmers are selected, click Continue

  • DO NOT REGISTER ANYONE ELSE (PARENTS, SIBLINGS, ETC). It messes up with our team roster.

  • On next page, simply add the number of people over the age of 13 and anyone between the ages of 3 and 12

  • Proceed to Checkout

  • Make payment



  • We need help from our 8&U and/or 9-10 parents at the end of the 5p practice getting the lane lines out. The lane lines are heavy, especially when wet, and the younger kids often aren't strong enough to get them out. We also need to do it rather quickly so the pool can open by 6p. If you are able to help, we need only 2-3 parents after each practice. Thank you to those of you who have been helping already.

  • The practice schedule is:

    • 8-9a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 11-12, 13-18 age groups only

    • 1130a – 1p Monday-Friday for 11-12, 13-18 age groups

    • 5-6p Monday-Friday for 8&Unders, 9-10 age groups

  • A few notes about the practices:

    • We expect each swimmer to be at as many practices as possible, but a minimum of three days a week

    • It is important that each swimmer only attend the practice at which their age group is assigned .

    • Swimmers who come to the 8a practices need to be ready to be in the water at 8a. That practice is shorter than the 1130a practice, so we need to take advantage of the time we have. Please make sure you are there, ready and in the water on time.


Most of the Duck Bucks tickets have been handed out (if you haven’t gotten your tickets, please see one of our board members at this Saturday's meet).

We are asking every swimmer to sell 10 tickets each. Tickets are $5 each. The winner, announced at the banquet, will receive $2,500. The seller of the winning ticket wins $250 and the family that sells the most tickets will also win $250. If you need more tickets, let one of our board members know.

Once your tickets are sold, you can turn the tickets and money into Michelle Dulzer. Michelle also has more tickets if you need more!. All tickets and money need to be turned in by the last practice of the season – Friday, July 29.

This is the main fundraiser for the team and we rely on the participation of all families to make it a success.



  • You train yourself for meets by what you do at practice. Make sure you are not walking on the bottom of the pool or stopping on the wall. You don’t do that during races, don’t do it at practice.

  • If your goggles fall off during your race, keep swimming. Open your eyes in the water and keep going

  • As we learned in the Highland Heights meet, every point counts. So even if you aren’t winning your race, don’t give up, because many places per race score points

  • All starts should be long and shallow dives.

  • Do not breath (during freestyle and butterfly) off your start or turn – try to take at least two strokes after your start and turn before breathing.

  • Remember that you need a two-hand touch when you turn and finish in butterfly and breaststroke.

  • During relays, you must wait until the person in the water hits the wall before leaving the blocks


Important Dates

  • Saturday, July 16                              Away meet against Mentor

  • Saturday, July 23                                     Home meet against SEL and Cleve Heights

  • Friday, July 29                   Pasta Party / Last practice of the season

  • Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31       Championships at Euclid

  • Thursday, August 4                                    End-of-Season Banquet, The Patrician


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