Jess Connors, a NASM Certifited Personal Trainer & Group Excerise Instructor, with a K-12 Health & PE endorsement on her teaching degree, AND an all around awesome Stingray mom put together some great meal ideas to help our Stingray swimmers!!!  Check them out!!


South Riding Stingrays 

Pre & Post Swim Meet Meal Ideas 

Swimmers’ Bodies need fuel before races! Just like cars, the kind of fuel you put into your body before a race impacts your performance. 

Take your mark, get set, EAT! 

Before a Swim Meet, be sure to eat a small meal or snack that includes Simple Carbohydrates and Lean Protein.

Here are some Ideas: 

Plain Greek Yogurt w/Berries 

Pasta w/grilled chicken

Apple Slices & Turkey roll ups

Ground turkey or chicken & rice 

Fruit & Veggie Squeeze packs

Oatmeal w/bananas or berries 

Homemade Fruit smoothie

Hard boiled egg & fruit


Finish Strong! 

After a Meet, It’s important to refuel with a healthy meal containing protein, carbs, & healthy Fat. 

Here are some ideas: 

Turkey sandwich w/avocado or hummus

Protein pancakes 

Chocolate milk

Grilled Chicken caesar salad

Nut butter & jelly sandwich 

Turkey or chicken burger 

Chicken burrito / taco 

Eggs, bacon or sausage, & fruit


P.S. It’s Ok to enjoy a treat from the swim meet, but it’s best to save it for after your races! :-)