Policy Reminder

Andrea Johnson

    It has come to our attention that several children wearing puddle jumpers have been in the pool unattended by a parent or an adult. The Elmer Swim Club, Inc, Rules and Regulations Section II Health and Safety; Article G; states that children eight (8) years old or younger are not allowed in the main pool, unless they are accompanied/supervised by an adult member, or they have passed the Basic Swim Test as outlined below. As well as Section M; Lifejackets/Equipment/Toy Policy; Article 1; that states A properly fitting U.S. coastguard approved and labeled personal flotation device (PFD) designed to provide vertical support and to keep the head above the surface of the water may be worn, provided each non-swimmer is accompanied by an adult in the pool, within arms reach. The adult must remain in water in which they can stand flat on the pool bottom. Patrons wearing life jackets are not permitted in deep water or on deep water play features. *See Article I for Basic Swim Test Rule under Section II Health and Safety  in the Elmer Swim Club Inc, Rules and Regulations which are posted in the glass case in the clubs main entrance across from the managers office.

These rules will be strictly enforced by our managers and lifeguards. We hope that our members work together with our managers and lifeguards by following the Elmer Swim Club, Inc. Rules and Regulations. Our number one concern is the safety of our children and our members. 

Thank you,

The Elmer Swim Club Board