Dear Shark Swimmers and Parents,

  We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during these times of the Covid-19 virus.  With the outdoor pools being able to open on June 22nd, we are excited to announce that we are going to be having a swim team season. The coaches are excited to get to see everyone again, but we do need everyone to be aware guidelines and precautions that do need to take place in order for us to participate in this season. Please understand when reading that this is based on what the CDC, USA swimming and ESC Board of Trustees have approved for the start of the season.  This is for the protection of swimmers, coaches, lifeguards, and ESC Staff Personal for this upcoming season. In a normal situation, this would not be in place. However, this not being the case, we are going to make the best of this and do our best to have our season.


Swim Meets

At this time, the Suburban Swim Association (SSA) has canceled the 2020 swim season.  As a club and team we have discussed the potential of scheduling an intersquad meet so swimmers can race at some point, but this will depend upon if we will be able to make it work within the guidelines set forth by the State of NJ and the Salem Co Health Department. So for this season only, meets are not on the calendar at this time.


We will be having a six week practice season. This will run Monday through Friday. Starting on Monday June 22nd and ending on Friday July 31st.  These practices are going to be much different then what we have done in the past.  We are going to have two sessions:

Session 1

7:30 am-9:30 am

Session 2

10:00 am-12:00 pm

Each Sessions will be broken down into 3 groups-Pool Group, Dryland Group (Strength/Core Workouts), and Outdoor Group (Cardio/Fitness-Based). Each session will be 45 min in length and once completed, we will switch to the next group.  Example-Pool group goes to dryland, Dryland Group goes to Outdoor, Outdoor Group goes to Pool.  This will be explained more once we get our numbers of who is participating. Swimmers are going to need every day: Bathing Suit, goggles, and Towel, Sneakers, water bottle, and workout clothes to put over their swim suit. Sneakers must be worn during dryland, Flip flops or slip on shoes will not be permitted. 

Lanes-Each session will be able to hold 45 swimmers per session.  This is based on 15 swimmers per group.  We can only have 3 swimmers in the lane at one time. Will have two swimmers at one end of the pool and one swimmer at the other. Again, this is based on the USA swimming guidelines with returning to the pool. 


 Pool Equipment-Unfortunately, we will not be able to use any of the swim equipment in the shed (Kickboards, Fins, Pull Buoys, and Noodles). This is for the protection of swimmers for this season. However, if swimmers have their own personal equipment they may use it, but understand swimmers CAN NOT share their own equipment. We would recommend using a mesh bag to put all equipment in prior to using at practice and swimmers name is labeled on the equipment. This is optional but swimmers may use this if the above guidelines are followed.


 Kickboaders Group/Swimmer Experience- One of the great things we love about our team is how our coaches and older swimmers get in the water with the kickboard group or help with swimmers learning how to dive, etc. It truly makes what us coaches love to do and part of why we come back each summer. Safety is the first priority for our swimmers, helpers, and coaches.  This being said, it is not going to be possible to uphold safety with our normal kickboard group. In order for swimmers to participate, they must be able to do 1 lap of freestyle unassisted and 1 lap of backstroke unassisted.  We are saddened that we have to make this decision, but we just cannot risk anyones safety with this for this upcoming season.  We look forward to seeing our kickboarder’s next season, and hope all of our little sharks stay safe! Be on the lookout for tips and tricks to get your littles ready for next swim season!


Grouping- Once online registration is complete, we will look at the sign-ups and group the swimmers as best we can so families only have to make one trip to the pool and not multiple trips for different sessions. We want the swimmers to know that this summer is about getting the kids together again.  We want them to be able to focus on getting good technique down and start to form good habits in the water.  This is also why we are adding in dryland/outdoors workouts into the practice to give the kids a chance to talk, see their friends and participate in something other then just swimming in the water. 


Swim Team Dues

The swim team dues are as follows:

Dues will be $70 for the first child and $50 for each additional child. Swim Team will take place from June 22nd to July 31st. 

Please remember-Club membership dues need to be paid first before you can join swim team.