Haddontowne Tiger Sharks

50 Plymouth Dr.

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034



Swim Team Head Coach and Assistant Coach Positions

Haddontowne Swim Club is seeking a Head Coach and Assistant Coaches for their Tiger Sharks swim team. The job of Head Coach is a salaried full-time position from May 2022 to August 2022 for A meets, B Meets, regular season and postseason championships including Cherry Bowl and Tri County. Hours may fluctuate according to the natural fluctuations inherent in a summer swim season. The Head Coach will have the ability to recommend assistant swim team coaches to support their role as Head Coach.



  1. Strong leadership abilities.
  2. Excellent communication skills and comfortable communicating with other coaches, swimmers, the pool board, and parents.
  3. A high degree of organization.
  4. Enthusiastic and positive attitude in upholding the swim team’s mission.
  5. Prior experience as a coach and/or competitive swimmer.



  1. Provide leadership and coaching services for the swim club.
  2. Work in cooperation with the swim club.
  3. When on deck, safety is the primary concern.
  4. Arrange swimmers into practice groups and set the schedule for swim team practices in accordance with time allotted by Swim Team Director and Recreation Director.
  5. Prepare a set of goals and specific objectives for the season.
  6. Prepare weekly sets or plans for each age division.
  7. Provide supervision and guidance to the Assistant Coaches.
  8. Provide mid-season and final evaluation updates to the BOD.
  9. Attend Friday night pasta dinners and provide “swimmer of the week” accolades to both male and female, 13 and over and 12 and under swimmer groups.
  10. Provide final awards/certificates for each swimmer at the end of season swim banquet.
  11. Provide constructive feedback to swimmers during practices.
  12. Complete all necessary administrative duties as set by the Swim Team Director.
  13. Facilitate and oversee swim meet registration/sheets prior to the meet.
  14. Communicate with the swim club members including parents, swimmers, coaching staff, and board members on the following topics:
    1. Swim team practice schedules
    2. Schedule of meets and results
    3. Problems, recommendations and any other pertinent information
  15. Function as a role model at all times for the Assistant Coaches and for the swimmers.
  16. Maintain Office hours. Set aside specific “office hours” which are designated times for administration duties, paperwork, updating statistics, top times, meeting with Assistant coaches and being available for telephone or personal meetings with swimmers, parents or the board. Ensure that everyone is aware of these times that you will be available. This time is designed for swimmers and/or parents to have an opportunity to discuss practical concerns with coaches.
  17. Know the standards for the swimmers in your group.



  1. Ensure that all swimmers are aware of their events and heats at least one day prior to meets.
  2. Be available to your swimmers at all times during the swim meets. Keep the swimmers together as a team, provide leadership and demonstrate team spirit. Enlist the help of the Assistant Coaches and older swimmers in demonstrating and encouraging team spirit.
  3. Coach and support all swimmers for their races. Provide feedback to them after they swim.
  4. Prior to deadlines, ensure that each swimmer has had the opportunity to swim each event at a meet at least once.
  5. Complete associated administrative duties.


Please submit your resume to Rob Bartel, via email, at [email protected]


Please submit your resume by April 27, 2022