​Guest Fees / Pavilion Rental


Guest Fees

Guest Card: $7.00 per guest

Guests 65 years or older: $5.00

Guests under the age of 2: free of charge

Guest cards may be purchased at the front desk.

  • Guest cards are $50.00 for ten guests.
  • Not all guests have to be used at the same time.
  • You must notify a lifeguard when you come in with a guest, and they will mark it off on your guest card.
  • Guest cards expire at the end of the season. 

Pavilion Rental 

Contact a manager or lifeguard to reserve the pavilion for parties.

Pavilion reservation fee: $100.00 for three hours for members

  • For a party over three hours, it is $15 extra per hour.
  • This fee accounts for a party of twenty people.
  • For a party of more than twenty people, you pay the guest rate for each additional person.