1. All members and guests must stop and check in upon entrance to or exit from pool facilities.
  2. Lifeguards are present for your safety; do not talk to them while they are on duty.
  3. Always obey lifeguard instructions regarding pool rules.
  4. Congregating by the front desk, lifeguard stand, snack bar or Manager's office is prohibited
  5. No running, pushing, dunking, or rough play in the pool or pool area.
  6. The starting blocks are only to be used during swim practices and swim meets, or under the direct supervision of the swim team coach.
  7. Only one person shall be on the diving board at one time. (Follow posted rules.)
  8. No general swimming is permitted in the diving well while the diving board is in use.  Additionally, the well can only be closed for general swimming by a Pool Manager/Assistant Manager or Lifeguard in 15 minute intervals.
  9. Only one person is allowed on the waterslide at a time.  There is no general swimming in the roped off area where the slide exits. (Follow posted rules.)
  10. The baby pool may be used by children without a pool band and by children less than 6 years of age.  Parents must be present and are responsible for their children while their children are in the baby pool area.
  11. Rafts, balls, inflatable objects, toys, masks, fins, snorkels, and swim aids are not permitted in the pool, except as permitted by the Manger.
  12. There is NO DIVING from the sides of the pool in less than 5 feet of water.
  13. No hanging or standing on the lane lines or pool divider line.
  14. Pool will be closed during an electrical storm or threat of inclement weather.
  15. Persons suspected of being intoxicated (drugs, alcohol or otherwise) will be asked to safely leave the pool grounds.
  16. Swim bands MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  If you are not wearing a band you will not be allowed on the slide, diving board or in the well.
  17. You must be 12 or over to enter the pool grounds without an adult.
  18. No glass objects of any kind are permitted on or around the cement deck or on any cement area on the property (including pavilions).