Haddontowne Tiger Sharks Team News


2015 Season

New Team Records:
  • 11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay (A. Demurjian, M. Franks, A. Marsh, M. McNiff - 2:27.53) [Old record of 2:30.97 set in 1977].
  • 9-10 Boys 25M Back (Ryan Cortes - 16.91) [Old record of 18.11 set in 2014].
  • 15-18 Boys 100M Back (Joshua Bartel - 1:06.87) [Old record of 1:07.26 set in 2014 ].
  • 11-12 Girls 50M Fly (Amanda Marsh - 33.99) [Old record of 34.94 set in 2001].
  • 9-10 Boys 25M Fly (Ryan Cortes - 15.61) [Old record of 16.36 set in 2011].
  • 11-12 Girls 200M Free Relay (M. Franks, M. McNiff, A. Demurjian, A. Marsh - 2:27.53) [Old record of 2:13.60 set in 1977].


Cherry Bowl at Barclay Farms 2015
Haddontowne had a great Cherry Bowl.  We placed 12th overall as a team scoring 363 points.  We had some great time drops, and some outstanding performances.
Here are our swimmers that placed in the top 6:
Madison McNiff 100IM 5th
Michael Sommeling 100IM 3rd
Megan Franks 50FR 5th
Joshua Bartel 100BK 4th
Maddy Marsh 25FL 6th
Amanda Marsh 50FL 2nd
Jack Zeigler 50FL 2nd
The 9-10 Boy relay of Ryan C., Matt M., Thomas P., & Colin I. placed 6th in their Medley & 5th in their Free.
The 11-12 Girl relay of Megan F., Aubrey D., Madison M., & Amanda M. placed 2nd in both their Medley & Free relays.
We had TWO Cherry Bowl Champions.  Ryan Cortes won the 25 Fly & Aubrey Demurjian won the 50 Back.  Congratulations to all of our swimmers and their performances at such a great meet.  We were so proud as a coaching staff to see all of our swimmers do so well at Cherry Bowl 2015.
Week 5 versus Charleston
Tiger Sharks Win!  Our swimmers had a long road to get here, but their hard work paid off and it was rewarded with this win.  We had best times, time drops, and amazing swims all season.  This is where it paid off, by repeating it one last time, against a tough team that we matched up well against.  This time in our favor.  We didn't have any new qualifiers for Tri-county Championship, but we had a lot more stand out performances.  We had nine double winners, seven first place finishers, eleven winning relays, and thirty-one swimmers placed scoring points for our team.  
Double Winners
A.Marsh 100IM/50FL, S.Hanley 100IM/50BR, K.Kenniff 100IM/50BR, M.Royal 25FR/25BK,
T.Piotrowski 50FR/25BR, M.Franks 50FR/50BR, T.Edwards 50FR/50FL, J.Zeigler 50BK/50FL,
Ma.Sommeling 25BR/25FL
1st Place Finishers
G.Anderson 50BK, Mi.Sommeling 50BR, L.Inman 25BK, A.Zeigler 50FR, E.Sommeling 25BK,
A.Demurjian 50BK, E.Graser 25FL
Winning Relays
M.Royal, T.Mignatti, E.Cortes, M.Marsh - 8&u Girls Medley & Free Relays
L.Inman, D.Toone, Ma.Sommeling, J.Ricci - 8&u Boys Medley & Free Relays
E.Sommeling, E.Graser, A.Zeigler, P.Royal - 9-10 Girls Medley Relay
T.Piotrowski, M.Mignatti, T.Demurjian, C.Inman - 9-10 Boys Medley & Free Relays
A.Demurjian, A.Marsh, M.Franks, Ma.McNiff - 11-12 Girls Medley & Free Relays
A.Hanley, S.Hanley, G.Anderson, T.Edwards - 11-12 Boys Medley & Free Relays
Point Scorers
Ma.McNiff 100IM 2nd/50FL 2nd, L.Kahn 100IM 3rd/50BR 3rd, G.Anderson 100IM 2nd, 
K.Preihs 100IM 2nd/50BK 2nd, Mi.Sommeling 100IM 2nd, K.Edwards 100IM 3rd/100FR 3rd,
T.Mignatti 25FR 2nd, L.Inman 25FR 3rd, A.Zeigler 25BR 3rd, E.Sommeling 50FR 3rd, 
C.Inman 50FR 2nd/25BK 3rd, A.Demurjian 50FR 2nd, J.Jones 50FR 3rd, 
S.Sommeling 100FR 2nd/50BK 3rd, M.Sweeney 50BK 2nd/50FL 3rd, 
S.Appleman 100FR 3rd/50FL 3rd, R.Anderson 25BK 3rd, P.Royal 25BK 3rd,
R.Marsh 25BK 2nd, L.Gallagher 50BK 3rd, J.Bartel 100BK 3rd/100BR 3rd, 
M.Ford 50FL 3rd, T.Demurjian 25FL 3rd, A.Ford 50BR 3rd, R.Gallagher 50BR 3rd,
A.Hanley 50BR 2nd, M.Mignatti 25BR 3rd/25FL 2nd, E.Graser 25BR 2nd, 
D.Toone 25BR 2nd/25FL 3rd, K.Barone 25BR 3rd, E.Cortes 25BR 2nd/25FL 3rd
It was an exciting meet, we know one coach wishes he could have been at... something about having to be somewhere.  The day was made that much more special with the texts & updates he received about how well we were doing (especially since that coach predicted the score to the point).  The coaching staff is so proud of how we performed, throughout the season, and we are so happy our Tiger Sharks were rewarded for it at the end of our regular season.  
Week 4 versus Barclay Farms
We had a tough meet against a tough team.  Still, even against a really tough opponent, we had best times and stand out performances by many of our swimmers.  We had two new tri-county qualifiers, five double winners, eight first place finishers, six winning relays, and twenty-seven swimmers place scoring points for the team.
Tri-County Qualifiers
Ryan Cortes 50 Free & Madison Marsh 25 Fly 
Double Winners 
A.Marsh 100IM/50FL, K.Preihs 100IM/50BK, R.Cortes 50FR/25BK, M.Franks 50FR/50BR,
J.Zeigler 100FR/50FL
First Place Finishers
Mi.Sommeling 100IM, K.Kenniff 50BR, Ma.Sommeling 25FR, E.Sommeling 25BK, A.Demurjian 50BK,  E.Dewetcher 50BK, J.Bartel 100BR, S.Hanley 50BR
Winning Relays
R.Cortes, T.Piotrowski, M.Mignatti, C.Inman - 9-10 Boys Medley & Free Relays
A.Demurjian, M.Franks, A.Marsh, Ma.McNiff - 11-12 Boys Medley & Free Relays
E.Graser, J.Shapiro, E.Sommeling, A.Zeigler - 9-10 Girls Free Relay
M.Ford, R.Gallagher, L.Kahn(up), K.Preihs - 13-14 Girls Free Relay
Point Scorers 
Ma.McNiff 50FL 2nd/100IM 2nd, K.Edwards 100IM 3rd/50BK 2nd, L.Kahn 100IM 3rd, K.Kenniff 100IM 2nd,  G.Anderson 100IM 3rd, E.Cortes 25FR 3rd/25BK 3rd, Ma.Sommeling 25BK 3rd, E.Sommeling 25FR 2nd,  A.Demurjian 50FR 2nd, T.Edwards 50FR 2nd/50BK 2nd,
M.Ford 100FR 3rd/50FL 3rd, S.Sommeling 100FR 3rd, M.Royal 25BK 2nd,
J.Bartel 100BK 3rd, L.Inman 25BK 2nd,  M.Marsh 25BR 2nd/25FL 3rd, S.Anderson 25BR 3rd, A.Zeigler 25BR 2nd/25FL 2nd,  T.Piotrowski 25BR 2nd/25FL 2nd, A.Hanley 50BR 2nd, R.Gallagher 50BR 3rd, Mi.Sommeling 50BR 2nd,  E.Franks 100BR 3rd, E.Graser 25FL 3rd, A.Naylor 50FL 2nd, M.Sweeney 50FL 3rd, S.Appleman 50FL 2nd
It was not an easy meet, with many points going the other way.  Our last meet is coming up, and we match up very well against Charlestown.  Our season is close to the end, and I know if we swim like the way we did in the past four 'A' meets, we will be rewarded.
Week 3 versus Georgetown
We had a very close and exciting meet on July 1st!  Only 21 points separated us from winning our 1st meet of season.  It was a great way to start off the 4th of July weekend, with our meet being before the weekend, and it being so much fun.  We had 3 new Tri-county qualifiers, 6 double winners, 10 first place finishers, 10 winning relays, and 26 swimmers placed to score points for the team.
Tri-county Qualifiers
Ryan Cortes 100IM, Annie Zeigler 50Free, & Michael Sommeling 50FLY.
Double Winners
A.Marsh 100IM/50FL, R.Cortes 100IM/50FL, J.Zeilger 100IM/50BK,
E.Cortes 25FR/25BR, A.Zeigler 50FR/25FL, Mi.Sommeling 50BR/50FL
1st Place Finishers
K.Edwards 100FR, M.Franks 50BR, A.Demurjian 50BK, M.Marsh 25FL,
T.Edwards 50BK, M.Sweeney 50FL, E.Graser 25BR, S.Appleman 50FL,
​T.Piotrowski 25BR, K.Keniff 50BR
Winning Relay Teams
T.Mignatti, I.Olearchyk, M.Marsh, E.Cortes - 8&under Girls Medley Relay
E.Sommeling, E.Graser, A.Zeigler, J.Shapiro - 9-10 Girls Medley & Free Relay
R.Cortes, M.Mignatti, T.Piotrowski, C.Inman - 9-10 Boys Medley & Free Relay
A.Demurjian, M.Franks, A.Marsh, M.McNiff - 11-12 Girls Medley & Free Relay
K.Edwards, Mi.Sommeling, J.Zeigler, T.Anderson - 13-14 Boys Medley & Free Relay
E.Dewecther, M.Sweeney, K.Keniff, S.Sommeling - 15-18 Girls Medley Relay
Point Scores
A.Demurjian 100IM 2nd, K.Preihs 100IM 2nd/50BK 2nd, S.Hanley 100IM 2nd/50BR 2nd,
R.Gallagher 100IM 3rd/50BR 3rd, K.Keniff 100IM 2nd, T.Piotrowski 50FR 2nd, 
M.Franks 50BR 2nd, T.Edwards 50FR 2nd, J.Jones 50FR 3rd, M.Ford 100FR 2nd/50FL 2nd,
S.Sommeling 100FR 3rd, S.Appleman 100FR 2nd, M.Marsh 25BK 2nd, L.Inman 25BK 2nd,
E.Sommeling 25BK 2nd, R.Marsh 25BK 3rd, Ma.McNiff 50BK 2nd/50FL 2nd,
A.Naylor 50BK 3rd/50FL 2nd, E.Dewecther 50BK 2nd/50FL 2nd, M.Sweeney 50BK 3rd,
J.Bartel 100BK 2nd/100BR 2nd, T.Mignatti 25BK 3rd, M.Mignatti 25BR 2nd, 
C.Preihs 25BR 3rd, A.Hanley 50BR 3rd, E.Graser 25FL 3rd
We did an unbelievable job against a team, that we matched up well against.  Winning 10 relays is no small feat, along with all the swimmers who put up points at this meet.  We keep getting best times, even on a short week.  The coaching staff knows that the way we have been swimming and how we performed at this meet will guarantee us a victory down the road.
Week 2 versus Cherry Valley
We had a great follow up meet to our close one from week 1.  Cherry Valley swam well, but he had a lot of best times, and a lot of highlights from this meet.  We had 4 new Tri-County Qualifiers, 7 double winners, 5 1st place finishers, 6 winning relays, & 21 swimmers that placed 2nd or 3rd scoring points for our team.  It was a tough meet but we did awesome.  The coaching staff is very proud of the swims at this meet.
A special congrats to Ryan Cortes for breaking TWO team records at Cherry Valley.  He swam the time of 17.20seconds in the 25 Back besting his previous record of 18.19.  He then swam the time of 15.18seconds in the 25 Fly breaking the 2011 record set by Justin Anderson of 16.36.
Tri-County Qualifiers
Jack Zeigler 100 IM & 50 Fly, Amanda Marsh 50 Fly, Ryan Cortes 25 Back & 25 Fly, Kylie Preihs 100 IM.
Double Winners
A.Marsh 100 IM & 50 Fly, J.Zeigler 100 IM & 50 Fly, J.Bartel 200 IM & 100 Back,
L.Inman 25 Free & 25 Back, M.Franks 50 Free & Breast, S.Appleman 100 Free & 50 Fly, R.Cortes 25 Back & 25 Fly
1st Place Finishers
A.Demurjian 50 Back, E.Dewechter 50 Back, M.Marsh 25 Breast, T.Piotrowski 25 Breast, D.Toone 25 Fly
Winning Relays
R.Cortes, T.Piotrowski, M.Mignatti, T.Demurjian - 9-10B Medley & Free Relays
A.Demurjian, A.Marsh, M.Franks, Ma.McNiff - 11-12G Medley & Free Relays
E.Dewechter, M.Sweeney, M.Ford, K.Preihs - 15-18G Medley Relay
J.Bartel, S.Appleman, E.Franks, N.Anderson - 15-18B Medley Relay
Point Scores
E.Cortes 25FR 3rd/25BK 3rd, E.Franks 100 BR 3rd, A.Zeigler 25FR 2nd/25BR 2nd,
M.Marsh 25FL 3rd, T.Piotrowski 50 FR 2nd, L.Kahn 50FR 2nd/50BR 3rd,
T.Demujian 25FL 3rd, T.Edwards 50FR 2nd/50BK 2nd, A.Naylor 50FL 3rd,
E.Dewechter 100FR 2nd, M.Ford 50FL 2nd, M.Sweeney 50FL 2nd, R.Marsh 25BK 2nd, A.Demurjian 100IM 2nd, Ma.McNiff 50BK 2nd/50FL 2nd, K.Preihs 2nd 50BK/100IM 2nd, N.Bartel 100BK 3rd, M.Mignatti 25BR 2nd, S.Hanley 50BR 2nd/100IM 2nd,
A.Hanley 50BR 3rd

We did so well, against a tough team.  We have a great meet & match up versus Georgetown.  We should be excited about the possibilities of how we will compete against them, even in defeat, the coaching staff feels it will all pay off by the end of the season.  Win or lose, we get our victory by being a team!

Week 1 vs Whitman Square

We had an unbelievable meet versus Whitman Square.  Such a close meet, with great swims by so many of our swimmers.  We had 4 Tri-county qualifiers, 9 double winners, 7 1st place finishers, 7 winning relays, & 25 swimmers that placed 2nd &/or 3rd scoring points for the team.  It was such a fun, great 1st meet, and we, as a coaching staff, are looking forward to our next one!

Tri-County Qualifiers

Michael Sommeling 100IM, Jack Zeigler 50 Back, Josh Bartel 100 Back,

& Annie Zeigler 25 Fly

Double Winners

K.Preihs 100 IM & 50BK, A.Dermurjian 100 IM & 50BK, E.Sommeling 50FR & 25BK,

M.Franks 50 FR & 50 BR, T.Edwards 50 FR & 50 BK, J.Zeigler 50 BK & 50 FL,

M.Marsh 25 BR & 25 FL, A.Zeigler 25 BR & 25 FL, & T.Piotrowski 25 BR & 25 FL

1st Place Finishers

M.Sweeney 100 IM, M.Royal 25 FR, Ma.Sommeling 25 FR, M.Mignatti 50 FR,

R.Marsh 25 BK, J.Bartel 100 BK, A.Marsh 50 FL

Winning Relays

M.Royal, S.Anderson, M.Marsh, T.Mignatti - 8&under Girls Medley Relay

M.Marsh, K.Barone, T.Mignatti, M.Royal - 8&under Girls Free Relay

E.Sommeling, E.Graser, A.Zeigler, J.Shapiro - 9-10 Girls Medley & Free Relays

A.Demurjian, M.Franks, A.Marsh, M.McNiff - 11-12 Girls Medley & Free Relays

C.Inman, T.Demurjian, M.Mignatti, T.Piotrowski - 9-10 Boys Free Relay

Point Scores

L.Kahn 100 IM 2nd, K.Edwards 100 IM 2nd & 100 FR 2nd, T.Mignatti 25 FR 3rd,

J.Shapiro 50 FR 3rd, A.Marsh 50 FR 2nd, S.Sommeling 100 FR 2nd & 50 BK 2nd,

S.Appleman 100 FR 3rd & 50 FL 3rd,R.Anderson 25 BK 3rd, L.Inman 25 BK 2nd,

M.Mignatti 25 BK 2nd, Ma.McNiff 50 BK 2nd & 50 FL 2nd, A.Naylor 50 BK 2nd & 50 FL 2nd,

M.Sweeney 50 FL 2nd, N.Bartel 100 BK 2nd, S.Anderson 25 BR 2nd & 25 FL 2nd,

D.Toone 25 BR 3rd, E.Graser 25 BR 3rd & 25 FL 3rd, R.Marsh 25 BR 3rd,

G.Anderson 25 BR 3rd, Mi.Sommeling 50 BR 2nd, J.Bartel 100 BR 2nd,

E.Franks 100 BR 3rd, Ma.Sommeling 25 FL 2nd, D.Toone 25 FL 2nd, M.Ford 50 FL 3rd

Great Job to all of ours who helped us have such an awesome 1st 'A' meet & great beginning to our season.  We are so proud of all of our Tiger Sharks!


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