STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS to register for Haddontowne Swim Club:

1.  Click on “Start Registration” in the column on the left.

2.  Click on “Register Now”.

3.  Select “I am currently signed in and I want to register..”  (after you have set up your password via email request.)

         Note:  If you are a new member and did not receive an email regarding setting a password:          Select “I am not sure if I have an Account on this team. This is the email address I want to use" and follow the prompts.

4.  Billing Information tab will be pre-populated if you were a previous member. 

5.  Select the Insurance/emergency contact tab and complete the emergency contact info ONLY.  WE DO NOT NEED THE INSURANCE INFORMATION—just enter n/a.

6.  Existing Members screen will list you and your family members. 

  • Change from no to yes for each member.
  • Click on Select when asked Register this Member to this Group
  • Choose adult, child, or under 3
    • This is for member count ONLY.  You will choose the membership dues category at a later payment screen.

7.  Select Pay by Credit Card or Pay by Check

  • Select your membership category for dues and using the down arrow click on Yes-Pay this fee now.
  • The membership dues will be listed
  • For CC payment fill out the card info and verify that the billing address for your CC statement is correct.
  • Click on Pay and Submit Registration
  • For Pay-by-Check, select the membership category for dues and click on Submit the Registration.  You can submit your check to the address listed on the payment screen.



  • After you have submitted your registration and payment information, you will arrive at a success screen
  • Once your registration has been approved, a receipt of the charges will be emailed to you along with sign in instructions to access your private account.  Once you receive the receipt email, you will be able to print out a receipt for your records.
  • Please note that if you are submitting a check, your registration will not be approved until your check is received.
  • If you find an error with the spelling of name(s) or incorrect date of birth, please email us at [email protected].  We will make those corrections for you.
  • There is a photo release form that is included in your success screen.  Please print this form, complete it and bring to the Club.  This form allows you to choose whether or not you authorize photo(s) of you and your family on the website and/or any printed material in association with Haddontowne Swim Club.