Group Swim Lessons


Swimmer placement will be based on age and ability to form the best groups for proper growth and advancement in their swimming abilities.  Group lessons will be a maximum of 5 swimmers per lesson instructor for proper instruction.  Your child will be placed in one of the group levels below based on age and ability.  



3-4 years old, basic water safety skills focusing on treading water and to be able to swim to the ladder

5 years old and up, also basic water safety skills focusing more on learning to swim across the pool


Second level

5 years old and up, this is a child who can already float and swim somewhat.  The focus is to teach this group more technique with the goal of learning a freestyle swim


Third level

Your child has taken lessons before and knows how to swim but is just not yet ready for the swim team. At this level we focus on teaching different strokes with the goal of learning free, back, butterfly, and breaststroke.


*** Your child might be ready for the Swim Team Training Squad but not just yet ready for the swim team.  If you are interested in the Training Squad program it begins the first week of June and runs through the end of July.  Training Squad swimmers are part of the swim team and compete on Wednesday night "B" meets.  "B" meets are practice meets against other novice swimmers from other teams.  Visit the "Swim Team" tab for more information.


Instructors Offering Group Swim Lessons:


Kylie Preihs - Assistant Coach, Swim Team

Call or text: 856-673-9668

Email:  [email protected]


Maddie Desjardins - Assistant Head Coach, Swim Team

Call or text: 856-938-7133

Email: [email protected]


Teddy Demurjian - Lifeguard

Call or text:  609-802-2902

Email: [email protected]