Tigersharks Swim Team Q&A

Q: What platform is used for communication?

A: We will be using TeamSnap as our main method of communication. If you have not already, you will receive an email to sign-up for a TeamSnap account. Once you set-up an account the Tigersharks will appear in your list of teams.

If you already have a team snap account, you will receive a notification that the Tigersharks have been added in your que.  

Q: What is an “A” meet?

A: “A” meets are against other teams in our division that are scored and counted towards our standings. There are 5 “A” meets during the season. They are held Saturday mornings and last approximately 3 hours. Not all swimmers will participate in “A” meets.

Q: What time does an “A” meet start?

A: For home meets, Haddontowne swimmers need to be at the club at 7:45 am for warmups. Why so early? As home team we will warm up first. The visiting team will then warm-up from 8:30 to 9. Meet start time is 9am.

For away meets, Haddontowne families should meet at the away club at 8:00. The team will walk in together and get ready to start warm-ups at 8:30.

Q: When and how do I find out if my child is swimming in an A meet?

A: The lineup for Saturday’s A meets are announced at practice Friday and is available for review at Friday’s pasta night. Make sure your child has their races written on their arm at the pasta night. Having the races written on their arms makes it easier for the stagers and older team members to get young swimmers lined up for their races. We will also post a copy of each swimmer’s event on the tree on the home side prior to every meet.

Q: Why is/isn’t my child swimming in the A meet?

A: Participating swimmers are selected based on the best times. Also note, attendance at practice, or lack of, is also taken into account when selecting swimmers for these meets.

Q: What is a “B” meet?

A: “B” meets are for all swimmers 12 and under. There are 3 “B” meets this season. They are on Wednesday Evenings (June 29th, July 13th, and July 20th). “B” meets give all younger swimmers and opportunity to participate in swim meets. Those younger swimmers who already participate in “A” meets go to improve their times and participate in other races (strokes or relays) that they would not normally be able to participate in during an “A” meet. Times from a "B" meet cannot be used to qualify for a Championship Meet.  Usually, we require participation in B meets for those 10 and under.

Q: What time does a “B” meet start?

A: For home meets, Haddontowne swimmers need to be at the club and ready to get in the water at 5pm for warmups. As home team we will warm up first from 5:00 to 5:30. The visiting team will then warm-up from 5:30 to 6. Meet start time is 6pm.

For away meets, Haddontowne families should meet at the away club at 5:15. The team will walk in together and get ready to start warm-ups at 5:30.

“B” meets typically wrap up around 8pm.

Q: Why does everyone have ribbons hanging off their bag?

A: Swimmers participating in both “A” and “B” meets are awarded place ribbons. Place ribbons are awarded for 1st to 4th place for an "A" meet and 1st to 8th for a "B" meet. There is a file container at the entry of the pool. Check the file container by your last name for any ribbons your child may have earned.

Q: What is the Training Squad?

A:  The training squad is for swimmers that have developed a basic skill to complete a lap of all four strokes and the ability to dive. Think “Swim Team in Training”. Training squad members will participate in “B” meets.

Q: Why is my child assigned to the Training Squad? He/She is not training squad material and should be on the swim team.

A: Be patient, some swimmers will be assigned to the training squad after their initial evaluation but are soon promoted to swim team within a week or two.   ​It's not just about being able to swim a lap or 2 legally, it is about being able to safely participate in practices where swimmers are expected to complete multiple laps without stopping or hanging on the lane lines.

Q: When is Practice?

Evening Practices  - For all swimmers until last day of school 6/22

3:30 – 5:30 – Mon-Fri Starting Wednesday June 2nd

Morning Practices – Mon-Fri Beginning Monday June 23rd

  • 8:00 – 9:00 – Ages 12 and Under
  • 9:00 – 10:30 - 13 and up

Evening Practice - (Begins Thursday June 23rd)

  • Starting June 23rd
  • Evening practices will only be for swimmers who are unable to attend the morning practices due to camps, work, or other sport practices, etc.  Head Coach approval required for evening practices.
  • Exceptions can be made if your morning swimmer has an illness or other conflict that will not enable your swimmer to attend a morning practice.  Swimmer must give 24 hours notice before practice time for approval to attend an evening practice.

Q: What does my child need to bring to practice?

A: Goggles, swim cap, towel and water. Some practices will involve dryland work. A team snap alert will go out prior to these practices to wear socks and sneakers.

Q: Where do I buy the team swim suit? Do I need a team suit?

A: SJAC at the Old ​Coliseum in Voorhees will have a Team night. If you are unable to purchase the team suit, a one piece swim suit/jammers/"speedo" that is solid black or navy blue is an acceptable alternate.  Tech Suits are NOT allowed for 12 and under unless they meet the USA Swimming guidelines for 12 and under tech suit.

Q: What is Cherry Bowl?

A: Cherry Bowl is the championship swim meet for all Cherry Hill swim clubs. Similar to “A” meets, swimmers qualify based on their times. A swimmer can only swim participate in one stroke race. A swimmer may also participate in relays. Cherry Bowl is an all-day exciting event. This year’s Cherry Bowl will be held at Fox Hollow Swim Club. Cherry Bowl will be held on Saturday July 30th.

Q: Who do I notify if we will be on vacation or can’t make a meet?

A: Families can use the availability feature on Team Snap. If your child is not able to participate in a meet, please open the event, and select No under Availability. We ask that all swimmers provide their availability for every meet in TeamSnap, regardless if you anticipate that your child will or will not be selected to swim in a meet.

Q: What is pasta night?

A: On Friday evenings prior to Saturday “A” meets, our swim team meets for a pasta dinner under the club pavilion at 6pm.  Swimmer's families are also welcomed and encouraged to attend this great tradition.  Our Head Coach then holds a team meeting in preparation for our 'A' meet for that week.  In addition, Swimmers Of The Week will be recognized by the coaching staff.

Each family is asked to volunteer to provide an item for one of the pasta nights. This may be pasta, meatballs, bread, or salad. Sign-up sheets will be hanging on the wall at the club entrance next to the check-in desk.

Q: Why are they always asking for volunteers? What volunteer positions are available?

A: A successful swim team relies on a team of volunteers. With nearly 80 swimmers on the team, it is impossible for just a handful of individuals to make for an enjoyable and successful season. Primary needs for help during the season are signing up for snack-bar duty (home meets only) and officials and timers for events.

Q: What is snack bar duty?

A: A sign-up genius will be issued asking for volunteers to sign-up for 2-hour increments to either sell snacks or grill hotdogs and burgers. There 3 volunteers per-shift so that you will not miss your child’s event.

Q: What does a timer do?

A: Timers use a stop watch (provided) to record swimmer times during meets. Each lane has two timers to ensure accuracy. Timers stay in one lane for the duration of the meet. Water is provided to timers and there are breaks during the meet. If you are looking for the best seat in the house to watch your child swim, consider volunteering to be a timer.

Q: What if I need to talk to a coach?

A: Coaches will provide "office hours" that we will post on the swim team board.  We ask that you do not approach the coaches on deck (the concrete area surrounding the pool) during practice or at the meet so they can focus on the swimmers.

Q:  What are the order of events in a Swim Meet?

A:  Click on the "Tri-County 101" tab under Swim Team for a full description on how a swm meet runs from start to finish.

Q: What if I have more questions about Swim Team or Training Squad?

        A:  Contact Liz Morse: Call or Text 215-620-9609, Email at Eliza[email protected], or use the Team            Snap Messenger feature.