2023 Season Registration Opens April 1, 2023

Larchmont Swim Team offers three levels of participation to children:

Developmental Team, Pre-Team and Competition Team

2022 Team Fee: $85 per Swimmer

The swimmer and at least one parent/guardian need to be full season members of Larchmont Swim Club, in order to participate on the swim team

Developmental Team  


       Our Developmental Team offers an entry level to the competitive team for 5 year olds to 10 yrs old.  The children must be able to swim a full lap for the length of 25 meters of the competition while demonstrating some evidence of style.  There is no dive badge requirement for this group. Coaches are in the water with the children offering both encouragement and instruction during practices.  Swimmers on the Developmental Team usually swim only at the  mini meet for our Developmental and Pre Team swimmers. 



       Our Pre-Team includes children ages 5 years to 12 years old who can swim the length of the 25 meter pool using the basic freestyle swim stroke. For Pre Team- swimmers should be able to swim a 25 meter lap of freestyle and a 25 meter lap of an additional stroke.  This group needs their LSC dive badge or be working towards it at the beginning of the season. Our coaches focus on improving the swimmers endurance over the 25 meter swim, while introducing the other swim strokes. Swimmers on the Pre-Team usually swim only at HOME meets. Exceptions are made on an individual basis and swimmers are notified if they will be swimming at any AWAY meets. They will also participate in a mini meet with our Developmental Team.



Competition Team  

     Our Competition Team includes children and teenagers, between the ages of 5-18 years old who can swim 100 meters of continuous freestyle, while displaying proper breathing techniques.They must also demonstrate a good understanding and be able to swim the length of the 25 meter pool using each of the other three sanctioned competitive swimming techniques: butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke.  This group focuses on improvement in endurance, speed and stroke mechanics.  The Competition team will participate in 5 dual meets plus the Suburban Swim Association Championships during the summer season.