2022 Peachwood Pirates Practice Schedule 

Practices start on Monday, May 23rd 

(weekdays only)

Age group Practice times
8 and under 4pm-4:45pm
9-10 y/o 4:45pm-5:45pm
11-12 y/o 5:30pm-7pm
13-18 y/o 6pm-8pm

Regular weekday morning practices will be between 7am-11:30am (depending on age and skill level) and will begin the week of June 20th and end Friday, July 29th

Age group Practice times
13-18 y/o 7am-9am
11-12 y/o 8am-9:30am
 9-10 y/o 9:30am-10:30am
 8 and under

Swimmers in lanes 3-6 at 4-4:45pm practice: 10:30-11:30am

8 and under beginners   Swimmers in lanes 1-2 at 4-4:45pm practice: 10:30-11:15am